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‘Thriving The Business World Amidst The Pandemic’, Says Nicholas Cormier

Cormier Media With Their Team Of Marketing Specialists Is Business Man’s New Best Friend

Digital marketing activity has begun to grow wildly across the world according to the headline global marketing index. While the marketing budgets are expanding, traditional media is declining and people are switching to the digital way of shopping and analyzing their wishlist. Digital media helps brands reach consumers to engage with their product or service in a personalized way. Five areas – prioritizing click rates, balancing search and visibility, understanding audiences, targeting, viewability, brand safety and valid traffic, and cross-platform measurement. These practices are taken care of by Cormier Media and are highly effective and some ways around making these aspects more effective is by researching and customizing, just like Cormier Media does with their Marketing & Sales Strategies.


Nicholas Cormier’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Cormier Media started when Nicholas Cormier was 19 years old. Nicholas shares that it was the scariest decision of his life and unbeknown to me, it would become the best of his life. He goes on to say further, ‘The scariest part was putting myself into a live or die situation. After taking a risk and leaving a high paying sales position, I didn’t know when or how I was going to make my next dollar. Starting a business as a young adult is no joke, but after experiencing personal hardships in my life I was determined to use my hustle, drive and ambition to pursue my dreams of becoming a business owner.’

This drive fueled his passion to create something out of nothing which became Cormier Media. ‘Cormier Media’ holds its name from the surname of their founder and CEO, Nicholas Cormier. This is a brand that hears only about growth from every perspective. Cormier Media is about Growth, and as a business, they only work with businesses that want to grow.


Cormier Media’s Plan Of Action

The venture hopes to help as many businesses as possible. Their goal is to help small businesses to large corporations with streamlining their workflows for marketing purposes, automating marketing activities, and increasing revenue for the businesses they work with.

Cormier Media is actively taking part in helping the local economy and is making a difference in the community and worldwide, leaving no stone unturned. Cormier Media aspires to help 1000 businesses globally within 2 years of operation. They have already reached a mark of helping 60 businesses in the first 2 months of their operation. This is just one business within many in the works, all about growth as an individual as well as a business. Cormier Media is a brand about the growth of others’ businesses. As a business ‘Cormier Media’ only works with businesses that want to grow.


Nicholas shares with the budding entrepreneurs, ‘One key factor to my success is the fact that every single morning I wake up at 3-4 am. I get up early because I’m most productive when I don’t have any distractions. Starting your day early has many benefits – You can go to the gym, eat breakfast, read and meditate before 6 am. I’m halfway done my day when people are waking up so I have a head start on my competitors.’

If you are someone planning to start a business or need guidance to do so, connect with Cornier Media.


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