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The Essential Benefits of In-House Shipping Label Printing for Small Businesses

The Essential Benefits of In-House Shipping Label Printing for Small Businesses

Shipping labels are the unsung heroes of e-commerce. While customers don’t see the label, it  ensures their order arrives safely, efficiently and professionally presented. For small and e-commerce businesses, investing in an in-house shipping label printer can transform your  shipping process. 

Why Shipping Labels Matter 

Your shipping label contains vital information to get the parcel to the right place. This includes:

Recipient and sender addresses
Package weight and dimensions
Shipping carrier and service level
Tracking number 

Printing quality shipping labels makes this process more efficient. It also gives a professional  look representing your brand. 

The Benefits of In-House Shipping Label Printers 

Dedicated label printers, like Rollo’s shipping label printer, offer many benefits over regular  printers: 

Time Savings
Print labels on demand instead of wasting sheets
Thermal printers print faster – up to 5 inches per second
Saves huge amounts of time when sending many parcels 

Cost Effectiveness
Lower cost per label compared to sheet labels
Specialized rolls avoid wastage from jams or smudges
Cheaper long-term maintenance without ink or toner 

Professional Brand Image
Printed labels minimize errors and look more professional
Represent your brand better since customers see the labels 

Label Customization
Customize label size, layout, and fonts
Stand out from the competition
Explore creative branding ideas with custom stickers

Courier Integration
Integrate with USPS, UPS, FedEx to automate label printing
Automatically get updated rates and tracking numbers 

Key Differences From Regular Printers  

Label printers have some key advantages vs regular printers: 

Specialist Media – Use label rolls rather than sheets to avoid waste and jams Faster Print 

Speeds – Thermal printing is much faster than inkjets/lasers

Courier Compliance – Designed to print labels meeting carrier specifications 

Durability – Smudge/water-resistant ribbons withstand transport better 

Optimizing Shipping Rates and Services – Integrated label printers streamline selecting carrier rates and services. For example, USPS  offers various priority mail options like 1-day, 2-day, and 3-5 day plus signature and insurance  choices. Using a label printer automates this. After weighing the parcel, suitable options  automatically populate. This prevents overpaying or underinsuring valuable items. 

Customization for Your Needs 

A key benefit of label printers is customizing label dimensions, layouts and content. Options may include:

Incorporating your logo and branding
Adding promotional messages or voucher codes
Resizing to fit various box dimensions
Utilizing different label orientations 

This flexibility helps you optimize parcel presentation and stand out from competitors. 

Making Shipping Labels Accessible 

Common label printer concerns are cost and need. Printers range from $150 to thousands for  industrial use. For low volumes, outsourced printing may be cheaper. However, free or  discounted printers often come with carrier contracts. UPS, FedEx, and USPS provide thermal  printers to high volume shippers. Those without printers can print at UPS, FedEx drop-offs or  USPS for priority mail. Handwritten labels also work. 

Maximizing Efficiency 

The bottom line – integrating a shipping label printer can transform efficiency. Finalizing orders,  retrieving rates and printing labels becomes a simple one-step process. 

Studies show thermal label printing can reduce parcel processing time by a significant margin.  For small e-commerce businesses sending 50+ orders daily, the time and labor savings are  substantial. 

Getting Creative with Label Printers

The Essential Benefits of In-House Shipping Label Printing for Small Businesses

Beyond shipping, label printers enable many creative applications:
Product labeling like expiration dates, ingredients or warning labels
Event name badges, luggage tags and event signage
Labeling storage boxes, files or assets
Personalized gifts and wedding decorations 

Key Considerations When Selecting a Label Printer 

With so many printer models available, here are some key factors when deciding: Shipping Volume 

Select a printer suitable for your daily/monthly volume. Industrial printers have higher rates for  very high volumes. 

Label Materials 

Check which label widths, rolls and ribbon types are compatible. Common options are matte,  gloss and synthetic label materials.


Can the printer connect and integrate label printing with your e-commerce platform, accounting  software or shipping management system? 


Printer costs range from $100 to $2000+. Consider label costs, speed and integrations to  ensure it’s affordable long-term. 


Investing in an in-house shipping label printer streamlines orders and transforms efficiency. For  high shipping volumes, dedicated label printers create and print compliant labels faster while  incorporating your branding. They also simplify shipping carrier selection and label creation. 

Consider if automating your shipping labels could provide convenience, customization and cost  reductions. Reach out to the team at Rollo to explore the latest shipping label printers to suit  your business needs and budget.

Published by: Aly Cinco

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