Success and Business Coach Carl W. Zev Builds Experience-Fueled Programs to Achieve ‘The Focused Mind’

Success coaches and motivational speakers aim for the same thing: to inspire and empower listeners. But while everyone tries their best, not everyone has the backstory to go along with their teaching. After more than 25 years of entrepreneurial ventures, Carl W. Zev built a performance training company to harness a new breed of leaders and entrepreneurs. Having walked the talk, the founder and CEO knows what it takes to reach great heights.

Carl W. Zev is the genius mind behind Zev University and Zev High Performance Training LLC. The life coaching, sales training, and motivational speaking learning ground is based in New York. Carl and his team focus on equipping their clients with a positive attitude and unparalleled mental toughness. To do this, Carl has developed a program that digs deep into the subconscious mind and transpires to daily actions. The expert shared that the subconscious controls over 90% of one’s overall performance. And so, to reach maximum capacity, one needs to be guided to unlock the subconscious mind’s potential. 

“We have learned the exact formula or process needed to improve one’s life,” shared Carl W. Zev. “The process is called The Focused Mind, a form of NLP.” Carl went on to explain that The Focused Mind is based on his real-life experiences, and it has proven to be of great help to thousands of clients who wanted to achieve more out of their daily hustle. 

Furthermore, Carl W. Zev and his programs are recognized for providing visible results in 90 days. The expert does not believe in building knowledge using theories alone. Instead, he has created a scientifically, data-driven blueprint for his clients. Under Carl’s guidance and expertise, individuals get to see and experience improvements in four areas of their lives: health, career, money, and relationships. 

Carl W. Zev graduated from Upsala College in 1986 with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. Straight out of college, Carl started his first business, Stokes Bread Distributors, with nothing more than $500 in his pocket. The entrepreneur bought baked goods at wholesale prices and then sold them to local delis and C-stores. After being a middleman for local supplies and retail chains, he sold his business for $45,000 and ventured into another industry. It was then that Carl became a distributor of Mistic Beverages, and he began supplying drinks to renowned companies, including Rutgers, Seton Hall Universities, and At&T.

In 1993, Carl W. Zev opened a multi-million dollar beverage and bottled water company called Virgin Springs. The entrepreneur became one of the first African Americans to own a company within the industry on the East Coast. Eventually, after landing a deal with the 1996 Summer Olympics, Carl decided to sell his highly profitable business to Culligan Water Corporation.

After the game-changing deal, Carl W. Zev generated quite the buzz for his name. He became one of the most sought-after consultants for negotiation, consultation, business development, presentation, and leadership. Soon after, Carl became the Director of Sales for Poland Spring Water. He was charged to take care of its largest distributor in North America. Carl rose to the occasion and grew the company’s sales by 300% within two years. 

In 2002, Carl W. Zev opened a new company called Blue Mountain Spring Water. After building it from the ground up to reach skyrocketing results, the entrepreneur sold the business to a New Jersey Investment Firm in 2005. 

Learn more about Carl W. Zev on his website.

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