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Suave Premium Tequila Takes Pride in Its Additive-Free Production

Looking for a new favorite drink? Well there are a lot of boxes to tick off… It’s not often one finds that  special beverage, that needle in a haystack. Luckily, Suave Premium Tequila aims to position itself amongst the roster of America’s favorite tequila brands.

Suave Premium Tequila is a high-end luxury beverage that rewards consumers with an otherworldly sipping experience thereby standing true to its promise of “renew[ing] your spirit”. Striving to become the smoothest sipping tequila in the market, Suave is double-distilled to attain higher purity and its bottles are individually numbered to accentuate its small batch character. Moreover, Suave Tequila’s fine liquid is naturally fermented which yields exquisite batches that are unique in their own right from previous batches. For this reason, their labels feature the year the batch was produced to help consumers identify the lot of their preference and differentiate each one from the other. 

Suave’s mission all starts with the organic agave. The brand sources its raw material from its single-estate farm situated in the highlands of Jalisco. Being vertically integrated ensures Suave full transparency in their supply chain and guarantees them that the entire process is up to their quality standards. All their agaves are certified organic, meaning no harmful chemicals such as synthetic herbicides and pesticides are used in their plantation. The brand uses naturally occurring elements to control plagues as part of their long-term sustainability mission to attain full circularity within their business processes. Suave Premium Tequila is Kosher certified, confirming the purity of the process and ingredients.

To ensure the finest-quality tequila is produced, they are also certified additive-free; Suave does not add any artificial flavors, colorants, aromas, or any other artificial “enhancer” to its production process. This purity within their liquid yields exquisite flavors in the finished product so that consumers can enjoy the delicacy and beauty behind true tequila craftsmanship. Additionally, the colors and tasting notes of all the aged presentations come from the barrel itself, meaning that tequila rested in one particular barrel could taste extraordinarily different from the barrel next to it. The end goal of their intricate production process is to ultimately raise the public’s opinion of what a high-grade, high-achieving tequila is meant to be while setting a new gold standard in the industry.

Jaime Villalobos Sauza, a fifth generation master distiller of the Sauza family, is a certified tequila “catador” or taster who brings his skillful palate to the job. Jaime proudly shares his creativity in tequila production backed by his “generational industry knowledge, a commitment to tradition, and [experience] as the previous president of ONSOM or Organización de Sommeliers de México”.

Suave hopes to produce only the finest quality tequila possible — a top-tier tequila that’s so true to its roots and pure in every sense of the word, a one-of-a-kind spirit that can boldly compete with the strongest brands and stand its ground for its authenticity in flavor and body, a masterpiece in its own right – a chef d-oeuvre.

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