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SoDanni: An Empire Born Out of Passion during a Worldwide Pandemic

For the most part, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a global catastrophe of epic proportions. Yet amid the economic strife, job loss, health crisis, and all problems related to the worldwide emergency, some have used it as an advantage. For entrepreneur Danielle Watson, these unprecedented times have been a season for her to pursue her true passion by starting her own company, SoDanni, and thriving abundantly amid these turbulent times. 

Danielle is a corporate HR professional turned business magnate who found her true purpose and joy amid the COVID-19 crisis. She started SoDanni, an online store specializing in premium wigs for people looking for the best quality hair products and extensions. At the onset, the business venture seems like any ordinary wig retailer, only it’s so much more than that. “We have created an identity in the market by specializing in high-quality natural textured human hair extensions, wigs, trendy hair accessories, and products,” shares company founder and owner Danielle Watson. “Our vision is to provide hair products that provide thickness, length, support growth and an assortment of protective hairstyling options to promote positive hair care. We provide an array of hair extensions ranging from clip-ins, ponytails, instant hair enhancers, weaves, and wigs.”

The Chicago-based entrepreneur who founded the hair company has dipped her toes in many projects and ventures. Danielle has worked as an independent model, television extra, fashion influencer, and human resource professional. During the COVID-19 pandemic, as people lost jobs and shut down businesses, Danielle took the downtime as an opportunity to reinvent herself by asking herself what brought her the most joy. She thought of doing two things to improve her lifestyle: start her own business venture and sell a product that she believed in. Danielle would find both in SoDanni Luxury Online Hair Boutique. 

Beyond her passion for quality hair products and love for exceeding customers’ expectations all the time, Danielle fell in love with the idea of wigs and extensions because of what it did for women. “I launched the business during the pandemic out of my true passion: to inspire women to live boldly and embrace the natural glory of their hair,” shares Danielle. For the business owner, SoDanni is more than a brand of wig retailing. It’s a company that brings women happiness and confidence by providing the best wigs to enhance one’s beauty.

SoDanni Hair Boutique offers various hair extensions that have a realistic texture, making it hard to distinguish natural hair from extensions and wigs. Their products range from Yaki, Kinky Straight, Loose Curls, Deep Curls, Kinky Curly, Afro Kinky, and Afro Kinky Coily. Through SoDanni’s products, women now have a way to feel more confident about themselves at work, when out with friends, or preparing for a Zoom call.

Danielle’s online shop has blossomed gracefully through these trying times as she continues to grow a solid fan base. Most of her success comes from the flawless execution of the business. Products are delivered in a timely and professional manner, creating a loyal customer base that patronizes the brand. 

Danielle Watson hopes to grow the brand more in the coming years and continue empowering other women in the country and worldwide. Learn more by visiting the company’s website and Instagram account.

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