Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour Chooses Dr. Cynthia J. Hickman to Grace the Stage

World-renowned motivational speaker, coach, and entrepreneur Shawn Fair continues to thrill audiences by gathering reputable individuals to add to the roster of speakers set to enlighten the globe at Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour. Recently, Shawn has chosen Dr. Cynthia J. Hickman to join the show, a powerhouse speaker in the healthcare industry.

Dr. Cynthia J. Hickman is known as “Your Proactive Caregiver Advocate.” She is the author of the bestselling book entitled From the Lens of Daughter, Nurse, and Caregiver: A Journey of Duty and Honor. The book highlights her experience of caring for her mother, a journey that took two decades. Because of the circumstances, Dr. Cynthia had no choice but to resort to early retirement, saying, “I can get another job. I cannot get another mother.”

Dr. Cynthia J. Hickman is a retiree from St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital (SLEH) in Houston, Texas. In 2013, her 26 and a half year career, initially as a bedside nurse, then as an acute-care case manager of cardiovascular patient populations, ended.

Even after her mother’s passing, Dr. Cynthia remained driven by her compassion for the matriarch of her family and the person she considers as the queen of her life. Today, the care expert aims to target the younger generation through her book, podcast, and motivational talks to take the initiative and learn how to take care of the elderly in their homes. Dr. Cynthia hopes to amplify the importance of empathy and dedication in the caregiving space.

“My personal experiences of caring for a parent in the home, quitting my job without thought because of a need to give total care to my mother, is personal. There are countless individuals who have been on the caregiving journey, but I can only speak for myself,” said Dr. Cynthia. “I am an honest Abe! There were days I did not get it right. I admitted it, dusted myself off, and got back into the world of meeting the needs of another. Caregiving is not about competition; it is about taking actions, being present, until the end,” she added.

Asked what her primary mission is, Dr. Cynthia J. Hickman shared that she wants to introduce millennials to the importance of caring for older family members and preparing themselves both mentally and financially to be able to cater to the elderly. To do so, Dr. Cynthia uses platforms that speak to the youth, such as her blog and podcast, where he shares raw and personal stories to encourage and inspire others to keep going. 

Additionally, Dr. Cynthia J. Hickman wants to stress the importance of caring for the caregivers as well. “The sacrifices of caregiving are huge, often not known by others. The challenges of being a caregiver are just as huge, however, the importance of asking for help is necessary. The role can be lonely, and being able to share the caregiving space with others lightens the load,” said the speaker. “Care for the caregiver is essential and most important in the role,” she added further. 

Dr. Cynthia J. Hickman obtained her Bachelor of Nursing Degree from Prairie View A&M University. She also completed a Master’s Degree in Nursing, with a specialization in education, and a Ph.D. in Health Services with a leadership specialization from Walden University. Dr. Cynthia is currently a faculty at Capella University teaching evidence-based practices to associate degree nurses working toward their baccalaureate degree.

To learn more about Dr. Cynthia J. Hickman, visit her website.

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