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ShareLove.Fund’s Youth Leadership Board Turns Wards of the State into Tax Paying Citizens through Yogic Vocational Training

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Youth Leaders are Impacting Global Economies through multilingual jail education, hard work, and creative problem-solving. 

In the rat race to the “Ivy Tower,” The Share Institute, Inc. dba ShareLove.Fund (SLF) and its related 501(c)(3) charitable fund of funds, The Share Fund, Inc., crack the code for building distinguished youth leaders, and universities are taking notes! Founder of Socials Runway Marketing Consultancy, Katriel Gayle Serion, explains that “SLF is built on the principle that there is salvation in service to others, that you must give in order to receive, and that it is through service to others that the Youth Leadership Board has proven itself to be a reliable pathway to Ivy League Admissions.” In a statement released today, the organization revealed that through a global talent search and rigorous interview process, it has discovered the most brilliant group of youth spanning 10 schools and four countries who are well on their way to making a global impact. 

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Investing in Youth & Women 

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The organization began with three siblings in 2020 attending the prestigious international school, The French-American School of New York (FASNY). Cognizant of the isolation female inmates experienced during the Covid pandemic due to the fact that their children were no longer permitted to visit a custodial parent, Russell (15 years old), Mia (13), and Julia Jakubowsky (11) felt a sense of urgency to provide multilingual tablet content to incarcerated women at Rikers Island Jail in Queens, New York “so that they could make lemons out of lemonade and use their time in custody as an opportunity to gain a free vocational degree as a yoga teacher as well as gain the anger management benefits of the curriculum” (Jakubowsky). Although the Jakubowskys, collectively, speak six languages, they did not feel that was sufficient for New York City’s diverse custodial population. In 2021, the organization collaborated with Aryan, Yash, and Mansi Pandalai, to expand to native Hindi speakers and gain a connection with India as the birthplace of yoga. Together, this team, under the tutelage of internationally acclaimed wellness author, Neelam Dimri, fitness expert and founder of Bronxville Wellness Sanctuary and Presence Wellness, Peter Iocovello, and statutory board members, Erika Billick, M.D., Ph.D. and Sharona Ben-Haim, M.D., launched Broadening Our Horizons, a textbook series now available on Amazon. Seeking to reach a broader audience still by expanding to local dialects for the purpose of building trust and connection with inmates globally, in 2022, the Youth Leadership Board was formed with the addition of German linguist Marley Wies (15), native Farsi speaker Ariana Elle Majlessi (17), native European Spanish speakers Irene González (17) and Inès Xhayet (16), native French and Colombian speaker Gabriela Schlumberger (15), and native Cebuano speaker Nicole Uy (16). Charlize Zakour (15) of Rye High School and Mariana Dushas (13) of The Hackley School most recently gained positions on the Board as the centerpiece for the organization incorporated in Rye, New York through Charlize’s capital campaign to build a secure on-demand educational platform for inmates and Mariana’s academic contributions as the yoga technique model for the course curriculum. These youth are showing exemplary leadership in the areas of “finance, sales, and marketing as they make their way up in the world by turning wards of the state into tax-paying citizens funded by providing value to the public through Yoga Alliance accredited yoga teacher training programs,” according to CEO Ashley Share, Esq. 

Photo Credited to: Ashley Erin Holness, New Rochelle High School Senior &  President of ShareLove.

Fund’s Youth Leadership Board Leads a Class for Second Chances 

Showing great potential for the future is Youth Leadership Board President of Global Diplomacy and Economics, Russell Jakubowsky. A prolific prodigy that has now recently been the editor of two books, Jakubowsky was the only boy at Timanous summer camp in Maine to annotate the Napoleonic Code in an unabridged archaic original French version. With a smile and his heartthrob squint, Russell describes his relentless work to examine Napoleon’s codification in his pursuit to crystallize an international peace theory that he believes is possible by harnessing existing capitalist forces and implementing the concept of “work works” to social enterprise joint ventures and prison education globally. Jakubowsky’s theory is en route to becoming ironclad in that it is premised on the attainment of global peace by uprooting, debunking, and dissolving corruption and the sources that breed it through economic sanctions and tech-based approaches that increase accessibility to merit-based entrepreneurship and education. 

Communication is the key to human connection and diplomacy. How can I unite the world, if I cannot speak to individuals in their own language?” (R. Jakubowsky). 

About ShareLove.Fund 

ShareLove.Fund is a non-profit organization driven to empower at-risk youth and women through vocational training available at https://ShareLove.Fund/train. The organization has published two books; Broadening Our Horizons: What Can Modern Food Science Learn from Historic Nutritional Practices? — which contains over 30 recipes that combine Ayurveda with modern nutritional science to improve healthspan (the new measure beyond lifespan), and Broadening Our Horizons: Gandhi Goes to School — the foundation for making schools safer and ranking #1 on Amazon’s Best Seller Lists in the categories of Pre-K & Kindergarten Textbooks. Both books are now available for purchase on Amazon. 

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