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Self-Taught Makeup Artist and Digital Content Creator Nataliya Stefani on Carving a Spot in the Limelight

Not everyone who enters today’s industries does so while armed with the knowledge and resources needed to ensure success. Compared to those who are able to hit the ground running because of their experience, network, and connections, there are go-getters who have to grasp for straws, navigate the complex waters of their target field, and rely on their own efforts to gain any headway. Nataliya Stefani, a self-taught makeup artist, is intimately privy to the long string of challenges that confront all entrants. Amid the odds, she’s managed to establish a name for herself, building an impressive portfolio that speaks not only of her skills but also of her grit to survive and thrive.

A well-respected makeup artist and digital content creator, Nataliya Stefani initially did not set her eyes on dipping her toes in the beauty industry. After graduating from university and earning her degrees in Law and Business, she began a career in the corporate world, taking up a position as a marketing manager. Makeup, however, has always been an object of interest, one she considers a creative outlet. 

Eventually, the artist’s love for makeup propelled her to create an Instagram account, which would herald the start of a journey toward the limelight. Not only did makeup brands notice her and offer Nataliya Stefani a spot on their PR lists, but Australian makeup companies also began asking her to create paid content for their social media platforms. Soon enough, after receiving the attention of international brands and growing her account, she decided to leave the corporate space to focus on makeup and digital content. 

With the dream of living in Los Angeles now translated into reality, Nataliya Stefani proves a testament to the power of consistency and hard work. The industries she’s in are competitive and inundated, so she needed to always be on her toes. But, despite the barriers, she has been able to carve a position in the limelight.

“As social media became very saturated with makeup accounts, it did slow the growth of my account and made it harder to get noticed by brands,” Nataliya Stefani candidly shared. “However, I consistently posted content with new and unique styles that I had not seen other artists do at the time. I constantly sought to improve my skills in makeup, photography, videography, and editing. I used my marketing knowledge to navigate social media.”

Instead of looking at them as stumbling blocks, Nataliya Stefani treated the challenges she encountered as stepping stones and opportunities to transform her hobby into a business. Now, she takes pride in having built a brand that allows her to expand her reach.

So far, Nataliya Stefani has worked with some of the world’s leading makeup brands, including  Colourpop, Morphe, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Patrick Ta Beauty, Lilly Lashes, E.L.F. Cosmetics, Kaja Beauty and more. Additionally, she’s an affiliate for brands like Patrick Ta Beauty, Nikkia Joy Cosmetics, PLouise Makeup Academy, Morphe, Colourpop, BPerfect Cosmetics, and Good Molecules. 

The upcoming months are set to be busy for Nataliya Stefani, who is currently the leading creative content creator for Glamraider. On top of working with creative directors and producers in LA on various music videos, TV, and commercials, she is also scheduled to grace numerous shows and events. 

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