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“Season of Comfort: Mariya Solodar Reflects on the Evolving NYFW Aesthetic”

Mariya Solodar
Photo Courtesy: Helen Kirsh

By: Svetlana Khachiyan

Fashion Week in New York is probably the most talked about event that attracts celebrities and artists from all over the world. This week I spoke with Mariya Solodar, who has recently attended her second NYFW show. Mariya is an entrepreneur in the IT field and the CEO of a succesful marketing agency that works with companies worldwide. But, aside from her work, she is a fashion guru, who closely monitors upcoming fashion trends. We asked her what is so different this year, that we have not seen in the previous season:

You were recently a guest at New York Fashion Week, what have you noticed about this season’s trends, and what did you pick for your look?
I definitely noticed that this season’s trends are bright, vivid pieces, but very practical. There was a lot of red colored legwear, a lot of hair accessories. All pieces are put together very well, and are suitable for daily outfits, unlike previous shows that featured some pretty out-of-this-world pieces. Not something anyone would be able to wear in their daily routines. This season finally brought us comfortable and practical pieces. 

The outfit that you had on, was it chosen by you or was it put together by a stylist?
The overall idea was created by me, but my stylist did help. Overtime, I  have already learned what looks good on me, and how to put pieces together, even my stylist was surprised. I picked an outfit that would fit into the overall theme for this season. This is the first time I wore metallic colors, metallic colored jeans, and a lot of accessories. For the second day, I chose a fringe skirt, and another all-red outfit: headband, red tights. Underneath I had a translucent dress with a jacket, which is also a trend this season. On the last day I wore a python print, this print will be very popular, and the outfit was designed by a friend of mine.

Photo Courtesy: Helen Kirsh

This isn’t the first time you attended Fashion Week, is it? Did you meet any celebrities during this event?
Yes, it is already my second time, so I’ve learned to navigate my way. Yes, I actually met Leonie Hanne.

How was this year’s show different from the others?
They are all very different, for example, the fall season show, which takes place in September while it is still warm in New York, the weather is still very warm and so the atmosphere itself feels very different, as you can walk around much more freely, and have more options when choosing your outfit. You do not need to layer, if you do not want to. During the winter, you have less options of what you can wear. This was my second fashion week attendance in New York City, and I have to say that it went much more smoothly, as I already knew more people and knew where to go. I think next year will be even better! I am excited to see what’s in store. 

Mariya Solodara
Photo Courtesy: Helen Kirsh

Do you plan to attend any more shows in New York?
Of course, as a true New Yorker I plan to attend more upcoming shows. I speak to a lot of people in the industry and follow their recommendations for upcoming runway shows. 

Could you give some advice for those attending New York Fashion Week?
It is definitely worth attending the street style show, they have some great and unique pieces, very fresh. 

Also, I would say, monitor trends and think about your outfit in advance, plan everything in detail so that you have time to put it together. Fashion week in New York is the most expressive when it comes to colors, patterns, and textures in clothing, so do not be afraid to experiment. 

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