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Scott Hughes Creates New Avenues for Book Lovers and Promotion of Authors

Books are the best friends and companions for many people. When a book is loved by readers, the author, too, is often adored. One thing up-and-coming authors seek is a chance of getting fair reviews of their books, which are products of their intellectualism.

Making it his mission to increase readership of books online and also promote their authors, Scott Hughes created OnlineBookClub, which now has grown to be incredibly popular both among book readers and book authors.

This Online Book Club, based out of Manchester, Connecticut, has opened up new avenues for authors to come into notice of readers, get reviews of their books directly from the readers and also critical acclaim by a section of them. Many authors earlier missed this opportunity to get directly connected to the readers.

The credit for the start of this online noble venture goes to Scott Hughes, who was born in Manchester, Connecticut, where he still lives today.

The stunningly simple concept developed by Scott Hughes turned out to be highly successful, as the club today has an enviable membership numbering over two million people. The pace of growth of this number is also quite high, making it extremely popular among the book readers.

We find that it makes sense for the novelists, fiction writers, and all other authors to feel happy about the club, as it has opened up a new vista for them to gain a readership fan base in the field of literature. This is something that the authors had been waiting for, and Scott Hughes made it easy for them.

Interestingly, Scott Hughes himself is a writer too. His book Achieve Your Dreams was a great success. It clocked a very impressive 4,000 downloads in the first week it was released on Kindle.

It goes without saying this made Achieve Your Dreams an instant bestseller.

Scott Hughes enjoys the global distinction of having promoted well over 10,000 authors across the globe through his platform. Scott Hughes and his company is working as a resource-point for the upcoming and established writers, bloggers, business owners, and entrepreneurs.

This is due to the reason that those who are interested in technology, literature, science, or marketing can connect with Scott Hughes on different social media platforms to send a message or question to him about anything and everything concerning the books.

Scott Hughes will help them to the best of his ability and knowledge. For the authors, it is a great help, as it acts as a major platform for review of their books as the reviewers regularly comment on the reviews, sharing diverse opinions on novels and all other sorts of books on this website.

As such, reviews are very fair and honest, the authors can get a reflection of the mood of the reviewers and their critical acclaim for the theme or topic of the book, be it a fiction story or fact-based scientific book. For the avid book readers, there just cannot be any better way than this online platform.

Another interesting fact about the club by Scott Hughes is the fact that it also acts as a means of advertisement of the books, their titles, and authors globally. The authors are also reaching a vast number of readers directly through this professionally run organization.

An author may have written a novel with a very interesting theme or plot and a scientific writer may have written a book on a scientific issue, but they don’t get critical acclaim or justified reviews of their intellectual product. Here, OnlineBookClub can help and encourage them to write further.

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