Rocket Station Helping Real Estate Businesses Thrive Through Outsourcing

With the ongoing pandemic affecting supply chains, changing customer behaviors, and making flexible work necessary, the last three years have been a witness to the immediate need for remote work and outsourcing.

Bringing to the table years of experience, Rocket Station is the industry leader in providing outsourced staffing and process management for the real estate industry. The company helps real estate businesses (investors, property managers, agents, and brokerages) [1] hire virtual teams with efficiency and profitability, allowing operators to focus on their core strengths.

“Rocket Station allows you to focus on core competencies and outsource the rest. What is your company really good at executing? The rest should be outsourced. From customer support, inside sales to general admin work, Rocket Station tackles the day-to-day operations, so you can focus on your exploding bottom line,” explained Robert Nickell, serial entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Rocket Station.

Rocket Station lessens the struggle of enterprises to stay afloat and generate money while supporting other in-house demands. The company understands how the pressure imposed on corporate executives to manage and supervise all of these other areas may divert valuable time and attention away from the core of the business and make the organization less flexible than competitors who have already adopted outsourcing.

At the core of Rocket Station is the belief that having a team of experts is the first step in delivering outstanding results for clients. The company is currently thriving under the guidance and leadership of some of the industry’s most brilliant minds and most seasoned executives.

Each team member has at least 5 years of experience in the BPO industry, including customer service, accounting, project management, sales support, data management, lead generation, marketing, and more.

Furthermore, one mission has always been at the center of Rocket Station’s services: to help the clients launch an efficient, scalable, and profitable business with the ultimate goal to deliver a world-class customer experience. The company prides itself on cultivating a community of like-minded individuals who go above and beyond to meet the clients’ expectations.

“A world-class team is the most important part of any business. Your potential is capped by the quality of people executing your processes. But vision and passion will only get you so far. Managing people and building culture is the most daunting task facing real estate operators,” Robert Nickell shared.

As part of its never-ending quest for excellence, Rocket Station provides training and development sessions to ensure that the team knows all the necessary information to continue being successful and effective remote process specialists. The sessions offer an all-access pass to all high-value content that aid in the growth of the employees. It covers productivity hacks, people management, industry insights, and personal and career development.

Rocket Station works mostly with companies in the real estate industry along with its unique team who inspire, motivate, and bring value to the real estate industry. The company continues to be the leading business process outsourcing provider for innovative real estate companies, completely staying committed to helping businesses reach the next level.

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