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Online Banking at your fingertips with the advent of Aufin Bank

When was the last time you visited a bank branch? There are chances that most people still do, either to withdraw cash or pay bills or just to have a chat with a friendly banker. But, the younger generation has little time to do so.

With Aufin Bank You no longer have to find a physical branch or even get to an ATM. With the availability of online and mobile banking platforms, you can perform transactions anywhere, as long as you are connected to the Internet.

This means you can plan your banking transactions to fit your lifestyle. If you often work late and don’t have time to visit a branch, for example, Aufin online banking gives you the flexibility to conduct banking activities anytime you want to.

Aufin Bank introduced online banking a long time ago, so it has plenty of experience ensuring its customers’ security while maximising their convenience.

The bank’s Banking platform has more than 2 million users today who make more than 18 million transactions per month. Given the number of users and daily transactions, it’s no wonder that some customers are worried about the security of online transactions. 

Aufin bank has gone to great lengths to ensure the safety of its online banking platforms, implementing measures such as multi-factor authentication and having robust encryption systems in place. The bank also works closely with security experts to tackle potential threats such as malware and viruses.

Aufin online banking platforms have made it possible to conduct secure banking transactions anywhere, anytime. The online banking platform offers customers a range of services like checking account balances, viewing transaction history, funds transfer, bill payments and lots more.

Aufin online banking platform, which is compatible with a wide range of mobile operating systems, uses GPS (global positioning system) functionality to offer location-based services. To ensure that customers’ accounts cannot be accessed even if the mobile device is misplaced, the bank has put in place strong security measures.

Do more with Mobile & Online Banking

Security and Privacy

Set up custom alerts: You can customise email, text and mobile app alerts so you always know what’s going on with your account and can take action when needed. All these can be done through Aufin online banking.

Security Centre: Manage your online and mobile banking security, all in one place, change your User ID, Password or challenge questions, set up optional security alerts, including an alert to let you know when an unrecognised computer or mobile device signs in using your User ID.

Card Management

Replace a lost, stolen or damaged card: You can order a replacement card online anytime.

View and redeem credit card rewards: You asked. We listened. Now you can view and redeem rewards for your eligible credit cards right from your secure online banking platform.

Lock or unlock your debit card: Misplaced your debit card? You can temporarily lock your card via the online banking platform to help prevent unauthorised transactions while you look for it.

You’ll get a confirmation shortly after you lock your card and when you find your card again, unlocking it is just as easy.

Credit Card Balance Transfers: Transfer balances and manage your finances with more convenience. You can use the online banking credit card features to: 

  • Transfer higher rate balances to your Aufin bank credit card and save money on interest
  • Estimate savings and monthly payments with the Balance Transfer Savings Calculator
  • Transfer cash to your checking account from your Aufin bank credit card

Digital Services

Pay with a digital wallet: Enjoy fast, easy checkouts with digital wallets with the Aufin online banking system.

A digital wallet stores information about your physical card so you can make purchases at participating merchants. Simply load your eligible credit and debit cards in the digital wallet that works best for you, then shop in-store or in-app with your mobile device.

Switch to paperless statements: Stop receiving paper statements in the mail. Instead, you can view, download or print your statements in Mobile or Online Banking anytime.

Payments and Transfers

Pay bills: Set up one-time or recurring online payments with Bill Pay. It’s the convenient, reliable and safe way to pay your bills from a single site with just one password. Many bills can be paid electronically as soon as the next business day (utilities, cable, phone).

Transfer money: Easily move money from your bank to other banks. You can as well set up automatic transfers from your checking to savings accounts via Aufin online banking. You can additionally check your spending and make budgets using Aufin online banking. 

With Aufin online and mobile banking, the days of queuing at the bank branch or an ATM might just be a thing of the past. Now, you can transact safely in the comfort of your home or office. What’s even better is that you can use these online banking services with the full assurance that your money is in good hands.

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