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New York LGBT activist Elton Ilirjani walks four runway shows as the first genderless model at Seoul Fashion Week

Elton Ilirjani
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New York LGBT activist and model Elton Ilirjani made history at Seoul Fashion Week 2023 as the first genderless model to walk for the event. 

This momentous occasion marks a significant step forward for the fashion industry, which has been working to become more inclusive of diverse identities.

Elton walked four runway shows during the illustrious Seoul Fashion Week, including the MMAM runway show on March 15, the Seokwoon Yon runway show on March 16, the Greedilous show on March 17 and the Maison Nica show on March 19.

The world-renowned model dazzled audiences with his draped ensemble, which featured ruffled textiles and bold silhouettes reminiscent of traditional tailoring, but with a modern take.

The daring ensemble is Elton’s masterstroke of creativity, an echoing of the model’s vision of a diverse fashion scene that celebrates individuality. “In today’s world, a model is not just a model, but also a role model who can have their voice be heard,” said model and LGBT activist, Elton Ilirjani. “These brands are inclusive for all genders. They have a special place for genderless models, which is so touching.”

The MMAM show on March 15 was met with great acclaim, starting with Elton Ilirjani opening the show wearing black clean-cut trench coats, pantsuits and dresses combined with bespoke cuts that introduce elements of retro sportswear. The style is a unique fusion of luxury and streetwear, an aesthetic that the iconic model is known for.

“I’m not just walking for myself, but for an entire movement of genderless people who deserve to be seen and heard,” said Ilirjani.

During The Greedilous show, Elton sported a playful blue two-piece set with white accents, accompanied by a voluminous blond wig and eclectic orange cosmetics to complete the cheerful look. 

“I am so honored to walk Seoul Fashion Week,” said Ilirjani. “South Korean fashion designers are the future of fashion. Seoul is an up-and-coming fashion capital, and I’m happy to be part of it.”

As an LGBTQ+ activist, Ilirjani stated that walking for these brands, which are inclusive of all genders, including genderless models, is touching and represents everyone. 

Ilirjani believes that the fashion industry is rapidly changing, and genderless modeling is the future of modeling. Their style, interviews, and runway shows have been featured in various fashion magazines, including Forbes, V Magazine, and Women’s Wear Daily. 

In addition to their work as a model, Ilirjani is also the founder of the Dignity Global Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on the protection of human and civil rights for women and the LGBTQIIA+ community in the country and around the world.

As Ilirjani notes, models are not just models, but also role models, and their voice can be heard. Ilirjani’s fashion sense and eccentric personality make him a standout in the New York City fashion scene, and his work as a model and activist is a testament to their dedication to equality, human rights, and fairness for all LGBTQ+ individuals in America and the world. As fans look on with excitement for the fashion influencer’s next move, it’s no wonder that what Elton has next in store is bound to surprise audiences.

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