Thursday, February 29, 2024

Monytize: New Social Media Platform that Pays its Users

Social media has taken over the world as it has become the most effective means of communication and disseminating information. It has connected the world more than ever and has opened the doors to numerous opportunities for people worldwide. Seeing how social media has evolved, Terrell Samuels, a big social media enthusiast, decided to take things a notch higher by creating a social platform that pays its users. This brought to life, and it has proven to be a revolutionary project that could change things in a few years.

Monytize is essentially a social media platform that keeps people connected to their friends and family. However, it comes with added benefits that take away the time-consuming wastefulness of spending hours surfing social media. Monytize is set to make social media profitable for both content creators and content consumers beyond just digesting information but also putting money in their pocket. The platform will be designed to allow sharing of videos, photos and other forms of media content, which can all be monetized. It’s also an invite-only platform that enables each user to build a network of their own the way they like. For every user that joins, the user that invites them earns some money.

Monytize will also serve as a streaming platform where users can get the latest music, videos and games from their various favorite content creators. This will give content creators another avenue to monetize their content and earn from every stream they get, especially if their followers joined through their invite links. Terrell Samuels plans to create a revenue-generating model for Monytize, which will donate a percentage of every dollar to charities, underprivileged communities, churches and any part of the world that needs financial donations. Users can also facilitate this model by inviting people to the platform, getting them to spend money, getting paid, and having a percentage of their expenses on Monytize donated to good causes.

Monytize is the first platform to create a model that allows the company, users and the public to earn revenue simultaneously. No time could have been better than now that the entire world is recovering from the pandemic. Terrell Samuels himself marvels at the idea, and he finds it unbelievable that a system like this never existed before. Monytize makes social media a profitable venture for users, and it’s a dream come true for many people.

Describing how Monytize works, Samuel says, “Every user that registers on will be given a Visa debit card. Every month, the cash that they have “earned” through inviting friends and using the platform will be uploaded into the card. In turn, they can use the value inside in any way they wish to. They can use it to pay for their bills, groceries, or even pay for the content they want to watch on The entertainment industry has always earned a lot, but it has only benefited a select few. This time, everyone can reap the benefits of using free social media.” will be available in a mobile app by May/June 2021 for Android and iOS devices, with plans to get as many people as possible on board.

Get started early on Monytize by visiting the website.

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