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Michelle Steiner: A Creative Force Bringing Magical Vibes to Your Life Through Gemstones and Crystals

Michelle Steiner is a talented jewelry designer and Pinterest strategist making waves in the industry. Her jewelry line, Dylanari Gems, is all about showcasing the natural beauty of gemstones and empowering women to feel confident and inspired. Michelle’s commitment to creating beautiful and meaningful pieces has made her one of the most sought-after designers in the industry.

But Michelle’s talents don’t stop there. In addition to running her thriving jewelry business, she is a Pinterest strategist, helping businesses reach their full potential on the platform. Her expertise and skills have helped many high-caliber clients worldwide gain clients and grow their businesses through Pinterest.

Michelle is also a talented photographer who has used her skills to make a difference. She was the Chief Photographer on ORBIS, a flying eye hospital that teaches third-world countries how to perform eye surgery. Her work on this project was truly inspiring, and it’s clear that she has a passion for using her talents to make a difference in the world.

One of Michelle’s most inspiring projects is the Wall of Hope, which she created for TNBC survivors. She interviewed these survivors, wrote their stories, and created a gallery for them at the TNBC Gala. This project was a labor of love for Michelle, and it’s clear that her empathy and compassion shine through in all that she does.

Michelle’s journey to becoming a successful jewelry designer began ten years ago when she took a Mala class with a friend. She had no idea what a Mala was and was hesitant to go, but everything changed when she entered the zen garden-like atmosphere of the class. Michelle found inner peace by making Malas, which quickly became her passion. She soon realized the energy-shifting power of gemstones and crystals and started her jewelry line.

Michelle SteinerDylanari Gems is named after Michelle’s daughters, Dylan and Ari, who have taught her more about life than anyone else. Michelle’s sons, Max and Justin, have also been a source of inspiration for her. They taught her that the impossible is possible and that one can make magic out of life.

In conclusion, Michelle Steiner is a creative force that brings magical vibes to people’s lives through gemstones and crystals. Her dedication to creating beautiful and empowering jewelry pieces and helping businesses grow through Pinterest is inspiring. In addition, her photography work and Wall of Hope project demonstrate her empathy and compassion. Dylanari Gems is a reflection of Michelle’s passion for making a positive impact in people’s lives.

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