MERCO Bank Investment in Community Development and Real Estate in the USA, Dubai, Canada, Amongst Others

As a socially responsible firm, Merco Bank has launched several projects that aim at developing several communities and bring change to these areas. Our investments have helped build affordable housing, establish community facilities, create jobs, and revitalize low-income neighborhoods.

We have also been busy with establishing and investing in Real Estate in the USA, Dubai, Canada, amongst others. There is a great opportunity to make even more money investing in real estate, and we have seized that opportunity so far.

Although if you know a thing or two about real estate and investments, you’d have noticed that you can only be successful when you have a lot of finance to pump into a property purchase, planning, construction, and related expenses. It requires a lot of funding and the major sources of raising money from outside investors and debt financing

With the partnership deals we have been able to close, Merco Bank has been able to break records while providing $5.87 billion in loans, investments, tax credit, and other real estate development solutions. This record surpassed the record from last year of $4.04 Billion.

Merco Bank has so far, disbursed $3.62 Billion in community development commitments and over $2.25 Billion in real estate investment to help create and build strong, sustainable communities through affordable housing and economic development across different regions and countries.

“Amidst the turmoil and turbulent situations, Merco Bank has made good on its promise to serve clients the best way possible, adapting to their changing desires and need through a year has witnessed record economic downturns. We created a system that allows us to work closely with our clients to proactively mitigate risk, identify opportunities and enjoy the profitable returns of investments. The strength of the bank and the steadiness of CDB gave them confidence that we would deliver for them.” Said James Anderson, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

In 2020, Merco Bank did what many will call extraordinary. We financed community development projects that produced over 10,000 housing units at a very affordable price considering that many homeless persons.

They include:

6000 green housing units

1,000 care homes for seniors

4,000 housing units for veterans, minors, special needs, and the formerly homeless

MERCO bank investment in Community Development and Real Estate in the USA, Dubai, Canada, amongst others

Merco Bank has so far this year created several projects for community development and empowerment, and has also made a serious impact on real estate development in the USA, Dubai, Canada, amongst others.

We want to create something unique, not just be like other banks. we want to reach the communities we find ourselves in and provide them with what they lack. We are not also going to make losses, as some of our real estate investments target the high class in the society which would allow us to gain some funds to continue the work.

We have a commitment to also help advance racial equity and economic opportunities. We are focused on closing the social wealth gap across different races and communities. we have put a foot in front by providing affordable housing, health, and healthcare, jobs/reskilling, and small business.

Our aim at Merco Bank is that we deliver innovative financing solutions which would help us create affordable housing for everyone, individuals, families, seniors, students, veterans, the formerly homeless, and those with special needs all included. We want to be perfectly placed to extend a helping hand to those who need them including providing loan options for our clients.

About Merco Bank

Merco Bank is undoubtedly one of the largest banks in the world and a leading financial institution, dedicated to serving individual consumers, small and middle-market businesses, and large corporations with a full range of banking, investing, asset management, and other financial and risk management products and services.

Merco Bank has so far not been matched with the conventional banking services they provide. Currently, we are rendering services to 20 million customers around the globe. Merco Bank has also received several awards for its innovations and unmatched technological expertise.

At Merco Bank, we boast of being one of the global leaders in wealth management, corporate and investment banking, and trading across a broad range of asset classes, providing various forms of service for corporations, governments, institutions, and individuals around the world.

The Community development plan is to provide support to approximately 5 million individuals, small business households across different countries


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