Maury Noun Successfully Launches MVision and Provides Jobs for Highly Skilled Women from Lebanon

To say that the pandemic came as a shock to a lot of people is an understatement. For many, it not only altered their way of life, but it also robbed countless people of loved ones, a source of livelihood, and peace of mind. Despite its debilitating effects on world economies, a lot of people fought hard to survive by being innovative and forward-thinking. One such person is Maury Noun, a New York native of Lebanese heritage who successfully developed a telemarketing agency in 2020 to provide jobs for numerous highly skilled Lebanese women who were badly affected by the medical crisis.

In less than a year, the New Jersey-based Lebanese-American company owner was able to significantly grow his business to more than 100 employees. With him at the helm of operations, MVision was able to generate millions of dollars for its A-list clients while giving much-needed jobs for numerous Lebanese women offshore. Maury Noun is especially proud of his overqualified employees as they have been working diligently over the past year. For one, his Lebanese employees speak English fluently and without a foreign accent. Clients are not able to detect that the agents they are talking to are based offshore. Their promotional video of their staff talking about the service they provide depicts how overqualified their talent pool is. You can view the video here.

Among his 100 employees, 95% are women. MVision’s move to employ mostly women is a groundbreaking feat for a country based in the Middle East, where countless women still struggle to achieve financial independence and stability. With Maury Noun’s help, they have found a place where their education and hard work are deeply appreciated and rewarded. Interestingly, his company is the telemarketing or customer service company of its size stemming from  Lebanon while targeting the U.S and Canadian market.

While Maury Noun was born and raised in New York City, the MVision headquarters is currently based in New Jersey. Noun was raised by his Lebanese Christian parents, who migrated to Brooklyn after the Lebanese Civil War ended. If anything, his parents taught him to make a positive impact on the lives of people in whatever he does. True enough, he is now making a lasting difference in the many lives that were greatly improved after being hired by MVision. 

Maury Noun recognizes brilliance within people easily. He believes in the massive potential possessed by various educated Lebanese women and wants to be instrumental in giving them an opportunity to shine and explore many possibilities. His dedication to helping in improving their way of living is something that his employees value deeply. Seeing his dedication to being successful so that they, too, can be successful inspires his employees to work doubly hard so that they can add value to the company. 

His long-term vision for MVision is to be able to provide jobs for more than 1,000 individuals in the next five years. He looks forward to working with more Fortune 500 companies and providing them with exceptional telemarketing and customer support services that will bring their companies to the next level. By actively studying trends in the industry and boldly marketing his company’s services, Maury Noun is confident that it is only a matter of time until various businesses realize there is a gem of a company working to elevate the standards of the call center industry.  

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