Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Matt Tommy on Helping Content Creators Benefit from Their Audience

Matt Tommy is an expert at helping content creators and online entrepreneurs grow their audience and profit from their content. Since he started his consulting business, Matt has scaled multiple online businesses to seven figures. In addition, he has an innate understanding of the systems and trends, making him a valuable ally for anyone who wants to scale their online business. 

A few years ago, no one could have predicted that becoming an influencer could be a great way to make a living. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of influencers on the scene. Most have also become entrepreneurs in their own right, building a business and a brand that their supporters can flock to. Matt Tommy is a business consultant specializing in helping clients grow their channels, increase engagement, and monetize their audience. Matt’s extensive experience in the industry allows him to utilize highly effective strategies and standard operating procedures to help his clients scale their business.

Aside from working with influencers, Matt Tommy also works closely with online course creators. Because this kind of client wants to impart knowledge to their audience, Matt helps them create avenues from which they can earn from the training courses they make. “I help them get started with subscription products, such as utilizing Patreon and Discord for exclusive paid memberships. It’s almost like a box where we plugin scripts, resources, and frameworks to help them scale to huge numbers,” Matt Tommy explained, “We provide the strategy, resources, and blueprint for creators to execute at the highest levels.”

“The number of influencers and online entrepreneurs are increasing with each passing day. What I do for my clients is help them get on a level above the crowd,” Matt Tommy said, “I will be there for my clients whenever they need help to distinguish themselves from their competition.” 

Matt also helps his clients become better leaders for their businesses. He explained, “At the beginning, they can feel trapped by the sheer amount of responsibility thrust upon them. They often have too much on their plate, and they have difficulty delegating tasks or giving the reins over to their team. But over time, I can help them strategically lighten their load, which in effect makes them a more effective CEO rather than an operator doing handling all of the details of every project.”

Matt Tommy and his team are very hands-on with each client they work with. “I treat their business as if it were my own,” Tommy said, “Because we operate on a revenue share. If they do well, then we do well. It works better for everyone, which is why we do it this way. Our proprietary strategy for scaling online businesses is unique and different from any business consulting agency that has come before us.” Matt and his team provide their clients with clarity and simplicity while working with a solid foundation of tried and tested strategies and methods.

Matt Tommy is confident that his business will keep growing in the future. He aspires to help thousands of influencers, content creators, entrepreneurs, and online educators grow their paying audience and scale their businesses. 

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