Marina Iwakoshi’s Animal Portrait Nail Art: A Creative Revolution in Nail Design

marina iwakoshi
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Marina Iwakoshi stands as a true artist in the realm of nail design. Her Animal Portrait Nail Art has taken the world of nail art by storm, offering a unique and personalized experience that has garnered a devoted following among celebrities and New York City’s elite.

The Visionary Behind the Nails

Marina Iwakoshi’s journey into the world of nail art is as fascinating as her creations themselves. Born in Takayama, Japan, in 1986, she brought with her to the United States a passion for fashion, the arts, and culture. It wasn’t until she moved to the US in 2009 to study music industry studies in upstate New York that she discovered her hidden talent.

While pursuing her degree, Marina began experimenting with nail art, initially as a creative outlet and a way to bond with friends. However, her artistic prowess was undeniable, and her friends soon became loyal clients. This marked the inception of her journey into the world of nail design.

After graduating college in 2011, Marina embarked on a more formal path, enrolling in a nail specialist program in New York City. In 2012, she proudly obtained her nail license, and the world of nail art was forever changed.

From Local Talent to International Stardom

Over the past decade, Marina Iwakoshi has transitioned from a local talent to a global sensation. Her creative approach to nail art has attracted a diverse clientele, ranging from musicians to celebrities and everyday New Yorkers who crave her unique designs.

Marina’s career trajectory reached new heights when she joined the esteemed Vanity Projects nail salon, located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Vanity Projects is home to some of New York’s top nail artists, and Marina’s presence there solidified her status as an industry leader.

Her artistic prowess extends far beyond the salon’s walls. Marina’s editorial portfolio has graced the pages of prestigious publications such as D’Scene, Schon magazine, L’Officiel Ukraine, and Elle Mexico, among others. Her work has become a staple in the fashion and beauty world, setting trends and redefining the boundaries of nail art.

A Canvas at Your Fingertips

At Vanity Projects, nails are not just a canvas; they are an opportunity for self-expression and storytelling. Marina’s signature style involves hand-painting individual animal portraits onto her clients’ fingernails. Each piece is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted with attention to detail that rivals traditional art forms.

marina iwakoshi
Photo Credited to marina iwakoshi

One of Marina’s quotes perfectly encapsulates her approach: “People love getting animal nails done in 2023, where I hand paint individual animal portraits on their fingernails. My clients love dog and cat nails the most, mixing up poodles and feline portraits together. People also love tiger nails, as well as leopard nails. It’s whatever animal they like.”

“Poodle nails are a huge hit,” she continues, “people love having portraits of their pet on their nails. They just want to show off how much they love their pet.”

What sets Marina’s work apart is the level of personalization she offers. Clients flock to her because they know that she can bring their unique visions to life. As she puts it, “There’s not many salons that can do the same thing as we do here at Vanity Projects in New York City. My clients all want something specific; they truly just want to challenge us.”

Celebrity Clients and Red Carpet Glamour

Marina Iwakoshi’s talent has not gone unnoticed by the world’s most renowned celebrities. Her clientele includes A-listers who seek her expertise for their red carpet moments. Notable celebrities like Game of Thrones actor Sophie Turner, Irish actress Ruth Negga, and Hollywood star Laura Harrier have all entrusted Marina to create stunning nail art for the world-renowned MET Gala.

In addition to these high-profile events, Marina has also had the honor of working with Whoopi Goldberg, Keke Palmer, and Serena Williams for the US Open. Her ability to seamlessly blend creativity and style has made her the go-to nail artist for celebrities on the biggest stages.

marina iwakoshi
Photo Credited to marina iwakoshi

Marina Iwakoshi’s Animal Portrait Nail Art stands as a testament to the power of creativity and self-expression. Her journey from a small-town artist to a global sensation showcases the limitless possibilities of pursuing one’s passions.

With each stroke of her brush, Marina transforms nails into captivating works of art, telling stories and capturing the essence of her clients’ desires. As nail art continues to push the boundaries of self-expression, Marina Iwakoshi’s innovative and personalized approach is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of beauty for years to come.

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