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Learn How Evo Capital & Shahzad Chughatta Are Changing The Game With Their IP Driven Ecommerce Automation Solutions

Shahzad Chughatta is an American Business Professional and the founder of Evo Capital based out of Connecticut. In his career, Shahzad has successfully built his organization as a go to solution for Ecommerce Automation & Done For You services. The company — 

Evo Capital, offers proprietary cutting edge automation capabilities to qualified individuals seeking to create an additional passive income stream as well as business funding and credit repair services. To date, Shahzad has serviced over 100 clients and has generated over 10 million in combined revenue and store volume. With years of experience, Shahzad is excited for the future of the automation space and staying on top of the ever changing space by continuing to strengthen his IP driven concepts to the marketplace. 

Why Ecommerce Automation & Done For You Service(s)

Shahzad wants you to know that his organization comes into play to help you start your automation business. What Evo Capital offers is an opportunity to skip the time, effort, & know-how of learning how to build your own store by retaining his company to take over the efforts for you with their proven concepts. By doing so, clients are able to sit back and watch profits roll in from their capital allocation with the firm. On top of that, Shahzad wants you to know that your time is valuable. By working with Evo Capital, you are able to passively collect a return from your fully automated store hands free while you spend time on more important things such as family and friends. 

What Is E-commerce Automation and Amazon Dropshipping

Evo Capital primarily focuses on Amazon Automation, which is seen by the firm as the safest and most efficient way to scale and build an automated storefront. With Amazon Automation, whether it is the Wholesale method or the dropshipping method, a registered Amazon Seller has the ability to source popular trending products from US Suppliers. In the midst of doing so, the Amazon store is able to collect a percentage of profit by listing products at a higher markup from their supplier(s). With proper credit, which is used for purchasing products to manage cost of goods sold (COGS) — Clients are able to not only scale their store and profits, but also build their credit and reward points for free travel or other credit card rewards.. 

How You Get Started In Automation With Evo Capital 

Evo Capital offers FBA Automation which includes purchasing profitable products at wholesale pricing and then shipping the product to Amazon for fulfillment. Evo Capital also offers (3) different Automation dropshipping packages, all of which are separated by different profit splits on your stores performance. The investment can range anywhere from ($15,000.00 – $25,000.00) — Clients should also have available a line of credit that will be used to source already purchased products from your store. If credit repair is needed, this is also offered as well as business funding solutions. The allocation should be deemed as a passive income opportunity, the firm encourages those who inquire about their services to already have an existing source of income & or profitable assets or businesses already in operation. If you are interested in seeing if Evo Capital may be a good fit for your portfolio allocation needs, you can reach them here to place an initial inquiry to speak with a member of their team. 
To inquire and get in contact with Evo Capital, click here.

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