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Konstantin Mikhailov Rethinking Trajectory

Konstantin Mikhailov
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Konstantin Mikhaylov is a name that’s synonymous with board sports. The entrepreneur’s journey began in 2005 when he founded Trajectory, the first board sports store in Russia. Mikhaylov quickly expanded the business by opening additional Trajectory shops across the country. What set Trajectory apart from other board sports stores was its focus on different types of board sports, bringing them all together under one roof.

Mikhaylov’s passion for board sports led him to organize summer and winter sports festivals across Russia. He was also responsible for organizing Russia’s first-ever National Wakeboard Championship, which ran for three years and saw some of the best athletes in the sport compete. Mikhaylov’s efforts not only furthered the board sports world but also helped create a community of like-minded individuals who shared his passion for the sport.

More recently, Mikhaylov took the ideas around Trajectory and developed them further, opening a new board sports shop in the United States called Wheels and Waves. Located in Los Angeles, Wheels and Waves is a re-imagined version of Trajectory. It takes the same ideas and philosophies that the original store created to an all-new level.

Wheels and Waves is not just a store but a club and community hub for people interested in board sports, cycling, and other sports activities. Mikhaylov aims to create a unique space that brings together the action sports community. The club will host a variety of events, meetups, and workshops regularly. It will also have a full retail space with coffee and food, chill-out areas, and more.

Mikhaylov’s vision for Wheels and Waves is to create a sense of involvement in people that fuels interest in a particular discipline. He believes that people organically gather in groups, regardless of the action sport or activity they are interested in. The store’s environment will take visitors into a whole new world full of energy, excitement, and adrenaline.

One of the key concepts that have driven Mikhaylov’s success is that community comes first, and sales come second. This philosophy has helped him grow his brands and create a loyal customer base. The potential for the new club’s growth is incredibly high. Mikhaylov believes that the club can change over time by adopting new trends and focusing on emerging technologies. It can grow with its community, as the action sports world is always evolving.

To keep up with the changing times, the store plans to evolve by providing its community with a subscription service. Mikhaylov wants to understand the value of each customer and offering new services like a subscription will enable him to learn more. An app and further social network outreach are also on tap.

The future provides plenty of exciting opportunities for the club concept. The store can connect with its community in new ways and can gauge customer interest like never before. The future is bright for Mikhaylov, as he continues to ride the waves of success.

But why is Wheels and Waves different from other board sports stores? For one, it is a community-minded retail space that focuses on bringing people together. It is a place where individuals can be a part of a team, even if it is not a traditional team. People with shared interests can come together to create something special.

The club also aims to cater to people who participate in action sports but struggle to find support. Mikhaylov believes that the store’s environment can help individuals find the support they need. It will be a hub that brings together the action sports community and allows people to try new and different things.

Wheels and Waves is located in Playa Vista, a tech hub that is home to people and families looking to try new activities. The club combines different sports from different worlds into one.

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