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King Luxe Club Celebrates Exotic Cars and Lasting Relationships

King Luxe Club provides a platform for exotic car enthusiasts to celebrate their lifestyle while developing countless friendships. The club actively encourages its members to invest in their relationships and experience lifelong growth.

Clubs, by nature, bring together people who share hobbies, interests, and passions. However, there are those who go beyond this initial gathering of like-minded individuals to encourage self-improvement and lasting relationships. King Luxe Club sets the golden standard for what hobby and interest groups can aspire to deliver to its members.

King Luxe Club caters to a worldwide audience of tastemakers who want to enjoy life, help each other grow, and become inspired to live the luxury lifestyle. While an increasing number of car clubs have shifted their focus purely on profits, King Luxe Club prioritizes establishing genuine connections. Through these associations, members can pursue their interests and realize their potential.

Given its target demographic, King Luxe Club members have come to expect the perks of attending car rallies and concierge services for luxury travel. But the company guarantees more than lavish activities. King Luxe Club also promotes growth and self-improvement. For instance, it provides club members with an avenue to learn investment strategies. The company also functions as a platform where people can build a diverse network with professionals, including stockbrokers, doctors, and lawyers.

Initially based in New York, King Luxe Club now facilitates events across the United States and around the globe. The club utilizes a comprehensive planning approach to enhance the main event — strengthening a close-knit culture among exotic car enthusiasts. Often, this attention to detail includes accommodation and other enriching activities. 

Abhi Malhotra, the founder of King Luxe Club, was born in India and grew up in Dubai. He is best known by the moniker “KING AM.” Hailing from a wealthy family, KING AM had the opportunity to work in his father’s liquor company for a few years. Because of his early exposure to the high life, he developed a taste for exotic cars. In 2019, he expanded this passion into a company and club. As the sole owner of King Luxe Club, KING AM put in a lot of hard work and personal funding to continue growing his company.

Since its launch, King Luxe Club has steadily diversified its business to extend the reach of positive impact. KLC Real Estate is already in operation for house construction projects. Following in his father’s footsteps, Abhi Malhotra is also venturing into the liquor business. King Luxe will launch its vodka and single malt scotch soon.

In addition to the growth of its members and the organization, King Luxe Club uses its pool of resources to give back to the community. Members of the exotic cars club have partnered with local businesses in New York City to support those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. King Luxe Club also contributes to charitable efforts that benefit children and cancer patients. 

For more information on King Luxe Club and any upcoming events, you may visit the company website,

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