Thursday, February 29, 2024

Shop Thobias Is Set To Disrupt Women’s Fashion

The adage “nothing ventured, nothing gained” can best describe the modus vivendi of Kevin Thobias, a multi-faceted entrepreneur with a shrewd vision for investible ideas. Recently, if measured in the traditional time format and a whole epoch back, if measured by the recent pandemic-induced constraints, he invested a hefty $2MM in Tesla stock. Though the electric car maker’s shares are the iconic holy grail of the stock market, it takes courage and resolve to hold and the gut feeling to sell the shares. Fortune favors the bold; Kevin exited with a staggering $12MM.


With the capital to invest and his mind open to disruptive high-tech projects, Thobias set his sights on long-term investing deals and companies that have the potential to make the world a better place to live and benefit human advancement.  He got fascinated with genomics, in particular, the area that is responsible for gene editing. By investing in genomics, Kevin has set himself a noble goal to increase people’s life expectancy, reduce genetic predisposition for the disease, and deal with other health issues with the help of genetics.


While striving to make the world a healthier place to live via genomics, Kevin decided to make it a prettier place, too. He put his business talent and acumen to use in women’s clothing design and manufacturing, an area that is yet uncharted for him.  The fashion industry is by any measure overpopulated: cheap and fast fashion is ubiquitous and finding high-quality yet stylish and not exorbitantly priced apparel is not an easy task.  Despite the odds, Kevin set out to create a women’s clothing brand that will be known for its uncompromised quality without being overpriced. The high-end clothing brand—Thobias—has all the makings to become a success given Kevin’s track record in business.  It will offer a line of dresses for any occasion, be it a cocktail party, special events, or just going out. With the design done in the vast expanse between London and Los Angeles and the manufacturing in LA,  Thobias clothing brand is in for a warm welcome by the demanding female audience who value elegance and quality above all.


With the brand’s May launch, Thobias is about to make a splash in the online women’s apparel retail continuing the streak of luck that runs through all his business projects. To partake in the brand’s upcoming launch, follow Thobias on Instagram.

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