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Kelsey Crystal Is Helping Women through Trauma-informed Readings

Kelsey Crystal, the founder of KelseyCrystal LLC, is a clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant, and a Medium. With her incredible gifts, she can feel others’ physical pain and pick up on mold found in houses she’s never seen. Kelsey was born with these gifts, although they’ve increased in strength as she’s had more life experience.

She uses trauma-informed readings to help women around the world find clarity, peace, and purpose. Since most people are dealing with some sort of trauma, Kelsey’s trauma-informed approach is particularly powerful. Because trauma often manifests itself in the form of bodily illness, Kelsey’s approach helps clients get to the root causes of their illnesses. Kelsey’s experience has provided her with insight into how trauma works in both the mind and body.

Kelsey’s Current Work through KelseyCrystal LLC

Through her business, Kelsey has acquired clients in eight different countries and conducted over 400 readings. In February 2022, she will complete her Certification in Integrative Somatic Traumatic Training. She plans to incorporate what she’s learned into future readings. She is also enrolled in a Doctor of Chiropractic program and plans to graduate in the next few years.

The business consists of readings alone. Kelsey offers both one-hour and two-hour sessions. The longer sessions allow her to dig deeper into a person’s current issues and past traumas, making the two-hour sessions particularly popular. Through these readings, Kelsey can hear, feel, and see the past, present, and future.

She always uses a trauma-based approach to readings because of her closely-held belief that those with trauma should be respected, honored, and validated. Her understanding of how trauma impacts the body helps her find the root causes of her clients’ illnesses.

During readings, Kelsey is often able to connect the dots in a person’s life and make sense out of their past and present circumstances. This work is particularly helpful for people facing trauma-induced autoimmunity, especially for women who have been failed by western medicine.

Kelsey uses automatic writings, a practice where she allows her pen to be guided by spirit. She uses this method to draw out spirit-led messages. This practice helps her provide deeper insight into a person’s past, present, and future.

Kelsey’s Gifts & Experience

Kelsey discovered her gift when she was only thirteen years old. Throughout her teenage years, she realized that her gifts could be used to help others. In 2018, she left her job with the Department of Defense to start a business focused on using her gifts. KelseyCrystal LLC was created to provide readings to clients.

Kelsey’s own experience and frustration with western medicine and corporate America were major factors leading to the creation of her business. As she struggled with her own illness, she felt gaslit by these entities.

Yet Kelsey fought and overcame cancer twice, three years apart. She has also experienced extreme heavy metal and mold toxicity, Meniere’s Disease, and PTSD. Although corporate America and western medicine embrace a bad diet and overworking to the point of extreme burnout, Kelsey discovered a better path to wellness. Through a changed diet and intentional spiritual work, she allowed both her mind and body to heal.

It was her experience and gifts that led Kelsey to create her own business. She wants to use her gifts to help women facing the same hardships she faced. Kelsey believes that no woman should have to face the same trauma she faced at the hands of the western medicine community.

The Future of Kelsey’s Business

Kelsey has big dreams for the future! She wants to turn KelseyCrystal LLC into a global brand, expanding into more countries than before. She also wants to use her platform to help inform people about the good psychics can do for the world. Kelsey sees a future where psychics use their abilities to make positive changes in the world.

Part of Kelsey’s future mission involves helping people uncover their own intuitive abilities. She encourages people to always listen to themselves and their intuition. Although everyone is intuitive, societal conditioning has inhibited our third eye, which is our intuition. 

For readers who want to develop their intuition, Kelsey recommends two things: reconnect with your body and spend more time alone in nature. When a person reconnects with his or her body, that connection improves a person’s intuitive connection. Time in nature allows a person to be alone with their thoughts, both logical and intuitive. When a person spends more time in nature, they can discern between their thoughts and lean into their intuition.

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