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JPURE: A Rising Fashion House Dedicated to Branding and Creative Marketing

JPURE is a trailblazing fashion brand committed to using its manpower and equipment to help brands grow. The company is one of the first fashion brands producing and owning all equipment, music, logo, talents, and sponsoring every in-house project that it takes on. Today, it is making headlines with its impressive efforts of giving back to the community, together with its founder Joshua Smith Bowman, by helping the world fight the COVID-19 pandemic in the best ways possible.

The lifestyle and fashion brand were visualized and incubated for nine years by its owner, Joshua Smith Bowman. JPURE was born out of his love and passion for fashion. He spent years putting in outstanding effort and dedication in raising business capital. During these times, he thrived in the real estate world and eventually partnered with a private retailer from New York.

In the last six years, Joshua Smith Bowman became more competitive in fashion. He has developed a more profound passion for simple clothing that can be proudly worn in everyday life. With that in mind, the “heart” of the company is “pure lifestyle”; hence its name. 

After Joshua Smith Bowman launched JPURE online, he and his team quickly knew that establishing partnerships were crucial to branding success. With that in mind, it partnered with David Kazmiersi for branding and graphic design services. With these strong partners at hand, everything came together, and the team was ready to elevate and uplift others through the lifestyle brand. Production, technology, and creating marketing are done in-house at JPURE Studios.

The company owner takes pride in the fact that JPURE is acknowledged as an “approachable, non-judgmental, and loving brand.” This has helped the brand in building trust with its clients and consumers. 

Today, JPURE holds a wide range of fashion pieces, including men and women’s swimwear and fashion accessories. Moreover, the company is also helping other brands grow by providing fashion, branding, and creative marketing services. It has recently produced three photoshoots while carefully observing social distancing and other regulations set forth by the community’s ordinances. 

As a way to give back to the community, JPURE has also taken the lead in providing over 9,000 masks to kids and families from impoverished neighborhoods. It also supplied over 600 masks to parcel carriers and delivery drivers who have continued to work in the front lines despite the pandemic. Moreover, the company also sponsored Saving Black Lives, a spin-off employing a different approach than BLM protests. All these efforts were made possible by utilizing the company’s profits in the last nine months. Impressively, the dedicated team sacrificed their salaries to help those who are in need. 

Being in a competitive and digitally dominant world that is ever-changing, Joshua Smith Bowman believes that “evolving visual content is key.” With that in mind, JPURE made sure that all the necessary equipment was ready before its launch. From professional cameras, drones, microphones, to studios, real in-house talents, and more, the company is fully equipped and ready to take on any challenge. 

In the future, JPURE seeks to establish “a conglomerate of fashion brands that suit multiple demographics.” The company hopes to produce more content and sponsor other industries that “show synergy with fashion.” But for now, the company is focused on helping the world during these difficult times and urging others to do the same as well.

Learn more about JPURE by visiting its official website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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