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John Bommarito Drives Bommarito Automotive Group to Success With Brilliant Leadership Skills and Astute Business Acumen

Achieving success in any industry is no easy feat; after all, success requires patience, passion and a relentless determination to see one’s dream to fruition. All of these qualities are exhibited by the innovator, entrepreneur, and CEO of Bommarito Automotive Group,  John Bommarito.

Born into an automotive family that prides itself on a strong and continuous work ethic, John Bommarito discovered his passion for cars early. By the time he was twelve, he was already working in his father’s company’s parking and washing department. By fifteen, he was promoted to the service department to watch and learn how the “backbone” of the organization ran, a lesson that proved to be very valuable in later years.

As he grew older, so did his passion for cars, and he would spend after-school hours working at the Ellisville automotive location. However, John’s schoolwork never suffered despite his devotion to cars. He graduated in the top two percent of his class and accepted an academic scholarship to attend Eckerd College, where he pursued his Psychology/Premedical degree. He was accepted to Stanford University Medical School after graduating in 1987 but decided to take some time off.

Yet despite excelling academically, his love for cars had never wavered, so while taking a break from studying and pursue his automotive desires. But, what started as a one-year break renewed his passion and became a lifetime career. First, he rejoined the family business, working his way through the ranks as a salesperson selling new Mazdas in the early days. Then, however, with his burning desire and talents in the automotive industry, the go-getter proceeded to the Nissan location as the finance manager. Shortly after, he became the sales manager.

At the same time, Bommarito Automotive Group had expanded to include a nationwide subsidiary known as Bommarito Cellular. John soon transferred to the new division as general manager; his impeccable work ethic and brilliant team management skills resulted in record-breaking sales, year after year. Additionally, over forty retail stores and a wholesale distributorship of Nokia Mobile phones in North America were established under his leadership. 

On the heel of his success with Bommarito Cellular, the power player ventured off to focus on furthering the family automotive enterprise. Because of his exceptional business acumen, John Bommarito was approached by General Motors to purchase an Oldsmobile-Cadillac store that was facing bankruptcy. After salvaging the dealership, the business mogul added Mazda to the lineup and made the location the go-to choice for the automotive needs of residents in St. Peters. As a result, the store now averages over 280 units per month, significantly exceeding the 25 units per month it was selling before his take over.

Since taking over the company’s leadership two decades ago, John’s tenacity for hard work, determination, and outstanding negotiating skills have driven the Bommarito Automotive Group to meteoric success. He has taken his father, Frank Bommarito’s legacy of over 50 years and established it as Missouri’s number one choice for consumers and their automotive needs. On top of that, he also oversaw the growth of the company’s internet division and successfully initiated a NASCAR Gander Outdoor Truck Series and Xfinity team with Partner Jordan Anderson.

Today, Bommarito Automotive has expanded to more locations and features a spectacular lineup of car brands such as Cadillac, Mazda, Buick, GMC, Volkswagen, Honda, and Audi, Nissan, Chevy, Ford and Toyota and multiple Motor Trend Certified Preowned locations thanks to the brilliant visionary at its helm. John Bommarito has received several accolades from industry authorities in the automotive industry, including being awarded as the winner of the “President Clubs,” a prestigious award from franchises like Ford, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Infiniti, and Volkswagen. 

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