Saturday, March 2, 2024

Jazmin Alvarez Overcame Adversity Amid Pandemic while Growing a Multi-figure Business


It’s been 2 years since the start of Covid-19 and multiple lockdowns. Jazmin Alvarez, founder of Pretty Well Beauty, has had to deal with a lot of the past couple of years! 

She overcame adversity during covid by organically doubling her sales in 2020 vs 2019. She pivoted from her original strategy of doing a bunch of pop up events to focusing 100% to online and digital marketing.  

She won’t be scared to admit she had absolutely no idea what she was doing as that’s not her background at all and had to self learn and figure it out. She is still trying to figure it out to a certain extent, and as a solo founder with limited access and resources its been a massive challenge especially in this noisy and competitive space. 

2020 was the height of the BLM movement and, as a black owned business, she saw some support from that but not nearly as much as a lot of other black owned brands. She started to feel like the movement was turning black owned businesses into a monolith and something that everyone should support due to the climate and not because of the quality and value being offered. It was very much like a double edged sword as it was impossible tell which support was genuine and which was performative.  

Her mission with Pretty Well Beauty is to clean up the noise and democratize the clean beauty and wellness space. She created Pretty Well Beauty after realizing the world of clean beauty was incredibly white and middle class (think Gwyneth!) and she is on a mission to make it accessible for all people. 

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