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Jackie Meyer, The Financial Expert Changing The Game

Financial literacy, planning is a concept that many struggle with; even with the abundance of resources, tools, and information on these subjects, many still find it difficult to fully grasp what is going on or is expected of them. However, for seasoned experts like Jackie Meyer, the simplification of financial services, taxation, coaching and counseling individuals and businesses is a lifelong passion of hers. Through hard work and grit, she contributes her quota to ensuring that more people get back in control of their finances. 

Meyer is a trained financial expert, innovative tax strategist and coach who leads her team of top-tier professionals across the United States and helps her executive clientele fix and solve their financial problems. Jackie is dedicated to taxation and the financial sector, and through her years of practice, has served on the Intuit Tax Council (2016-2019) and the Forbes Finance Council (2019 to date). In addition, she was recently listed in the 40 under 40 CPA Advisor Winner (2018/2019/2020/2021) and AICTC (American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches) member of the year, in 2019. She is a proud proponent for lifelong learning and will soon complete her Doctorate in Strategic Leadership from Regent University.

For Meyer, growing up, her desire has always been to help people, and as a young child, she has dreams of becoming a counselor. 

“Watching my single parent struggle to provide, I picked business as a career track. I wanted to be sure I could always provide for myself and my family,” she said. “Once I was introduced to tax, I became obsessed! I knew, firsthand, how important it is to become as financially fit as possible, so I was instantly interested in tax strategies that could protect the livelihood of others.”

By the time Meyer was 19, she stumbled onto taxes while working for a financial planning firm as an undergraduate and has been hooked since then. Before establishing Meyer Tax, she worked briefly, albeit with impressive results for a Dallas-based CPA firm. Even though she was fired, she carried on, undeterred, and decided to venture into entrepreneurship. 

With Meyer Tax, Concierge CPA, she started with leading a team of 10, and despite being perceived as a cultural misfit and a millennial know-it-all, she gave it her all. Today, hundreds of clients later, Meyer has not only helped repositioned companies but trained individuals to become coaches themselves. 

“I coach firm owners on exactly what to do to co-create a successful business because I wish I would’ve had a business coach when I was building my own business. I found mine late,” she mused. “The best way I can prove I am an expert is to share a few defining moments in the form of a ‘compelling story’. These are the events that formed me into becoming a successful business owner and eventually business coach.”

Since 2010, Meyer has been involved in several endeavors, including working with hundreds of clients through her accounting firm, CCH, and Intuit. In addition, she has hosted countless masterclasses and has delivered key addresses in the presence of thousands of people. Her mastermind group is growing at an alarming rate, especially since the collaboration between the Concierge CPA and Business Coach Chuck Bauer. With this collaboration, qualified CPAs worldwide learn proven techniques to improve their firm and solve challenges that are peculiar to their industry. 

Meyer is more than just an industry leader, she is passionate about uplifting and inspiring a whole new generation of financial professionals.

Learn more about Jackie Meyer and the Concierge CPA via her website

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