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Introducing SWIPE: Elevating Projects Beyond Boundaries and Inspiring Dreams

Introducing SWIPE: Elevating Projects Beyond Boundaries and Inspiring Dreams
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SWIPE Agency is not just another public relations and communications firm; its revolutionary and integrated approach takes projects beyond the exciting frame to another level. Founded by a true socialite Gleb Ryzhkov, SWIPE is more than an agency – it’s a philosophy that strives to be remembered.

At SWIPE, every project is a canvas, and our goal is to touch people deep in their hearts and fascinate them beyond their minds. We believe in the power of transformative storytelling, in creating narratives that know no boundaries. SWIPE Agency’s services are not just about meeting the needs of businesses; they are about encouraging them to think big and chase their wildest dreams.

Gleb Ryzhkov, the visionary behind SWIPE, expressed, “Each client had a unique project for us to exercise our creative thinking and see what boundaries we can push, whether it is a new, up-and-coming brand or an industry mastodon  – every project steals a piece of our heart and mind.”

CEO and founder of SWIPE Gleb Ryzhkov is a real mastermind with an extensive worldwide network. He successfully launched SWIPE worldwide in 2021 with global clients like TUD TOY and Bentley, creating industry-shaking collaborations with Mike Tyson, Punkmetender, and XO Team TikTok House. 

What sets SWIPE apart is its commitment to elevating every project they undertake. Our work is not merely about creating campaigns; it’s about crafting experiences that leave a lasting imprint. We believe in the extraordinary power of imagination, innovation, and real connection that brings our clients’ visions to life.

The real differentiator for SWIPE lies in its global team, strategically positioned in key cities worldwide, including Los Angeles, Dubai, Toronto, Dallas,  New York, Paris and Milan. This international presence forms the backbone of SWIPE’s collaborative environment, ensuring that no global or local trend goes unnoticed. With this collective knowledge and insights from diverse cultural backgrounds, SWIPE offers clients a unique advantage in understanding and connecting with audiences on a global scale.

In the heart of Los Angeles, SWIPE Agency is not just launching a service; it’s igniting a movement. We invite businesses, dreamers, and visionaries to join us on this extraordinary journey. Let’s not just communicate; let’s inspire. Let’s not just meet expectations; let’s exceed them. Together, let’s create stories that will be remembered for generations to 


SWIPE Agency, founded by CEO and Founder Gleb Ryzhkov, is a revolutionary approach to public relations and communications.  More than just an agency, SWIPE is a philosophy that aims to elevate projects beyond boundaries and inspire dreams. With a global team spanning Dubai, Toronto, New York, London, and Milan, SWIPE Agency creates transformative experiences, touching people’s hearts and captivating their minds. The agency not only prioritizes the needs of businesses but encourages them to think big and chase their wildest dreams, leaving a lasting legacy in every endeavour. SWIPE Agency is not just a service; it’s a movement, an invitation to join a community of visionaries dedicated to inspiring change and creating impactful stories.

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