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Independent Marketing Organizations (IMO): What they are and how they work

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Independent Marketing Organizations, or IMOs, specialize in marketing and distributing financial products such as insurance and investments. They do not have their financial products but work with other companies that provide them.

How does IMO work?

IMO works with financial companies to find the best financial products for their clients. They collect information about different products, their features and costs to make recommendations to their clients. In addition, they also provide support to customers in the process of applying for and receiving financial products.

Examples of IMOs

Experior Financial Group is a leading independent marketing organization in the United States. The company was founded in 2012 and offers a wide range of financial services, such as life insurance, investments, and retirement plans.

Experior Financial Group operates as a Field Marketing Organization (FMO) in the United States, meaning they work with agents who sell financial products in the field. The FMO provides its agents with the necessary support and resources to effectively work with clients and sell financial products.

One of the benefits of working with Experior Financial Group is the ability to access a wide range of products from leading US financial companies such as Prudential, Transamerica, Pacific Life, and others. In addition, Experior Financial Group offers its clients an individual approach to ensure maximum comfort and satisfaction from using its services.

Experior Financial Group also provides its clients with various tools and resources to help them make smart financial decisions. In addition, the company has its own online portal where customers can find detailed information about products and services and get advice from experienced professionals.

All in all, Experior Financial Group is a highly qualified and experienced Independent Marketing Organization that provides its clients with access to the best financial products and services, as well as support and resources to select and obtain them.

The difference between FMO and MGA

FMO and MGA are two different forms of IMO. FMO works with agents who sell financial products on a field basis. MGA works with brokers who sell financial products remotely. Both forms of IMO provide increased access to financial products and support customers in the process of applying for and receiving products.

IMOs play an important role in the world of finance by helping people access a variety of financial products and services. Their job is to find the best deals and make recommendations to customers. In addition, IMOs support clients in the process of applying for and receiving financial products, which helps to ensure maximum comfort and satisfaction from using the services.

The biggest advantages of working with an IMO are the opportunity to get professional advice and recommendations on choosing the best financial strategy and saving time and energy that are usually associated with choosing and applying for financial products on your own. In addition, most IMOs have experienced specialists who will help the client make the right choice.

Due to their high qualifications and experience, IMOs are reliable partners for financial companies that provide financial products and services.

They help to increase sales, attract new customers, and ensure the company’s profit growth. In addition, cooperation with IMO allows financial companies to focus on their core business and expand their sales geography.


Independent Marketing Organizations are important players in the financial services market, providing maximum accessibility and convenience for customers, as well as contributing to the development and increase of financial companies’ profits.

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