Hustlers Expo Bringing More Awareness to Small Black-Owned Businesses

In these unprecedented times, the economic turmoil has hurt the small business sector the most. Many have lost profit and even closed down due to the pandemic. Through the difficulty of surviving the pandemic-driven recession, Hustlers Expo hopes to give entrepreneurs a fighting chance by running expos and events that would provide them with the opportunity to raise awareness and get customers.

Hustlers Expo is a venture run by a black female entrepreneur. It was created to benefit small enterprises, especially those run by minorities. Over time, the organization has mounted, launched, and run multiple pop-up shop events around various cities in the country to bring anywhere between twenty to forty business owners at a time. The events have served as an avenue for sales, building business connections, networking, empowerment, creating brand awareness, and other adjacent benefits. 

The events company started through LaShonda Johnson, an entrepreneur who knows what it’s like to run a business independently without support or mentorship. She started her first business, 360impressionz LLC, a while back. It was her first venture, and she didn’t have any experience. The company would ultimately close shop, but the experience taught her many invaluable lessons, one of them being the importance of networking and gaining mentorship. She started her brand called Ask Shonda and began educating aspiring and starting entrepreneurs on the ins and outs of creating a business.

It became apparent to her that the direction she had resolved to take would take her into the pop-up shop event category through time. She started Hustlers Expo as a way to help small businesses who need the extra push. For LaShonda, the events company is more than just another coordination and organizing venture. It’s a movement to bring impact into the small entrepreneur community by creating pockets and support groups all around the United States that would collaborate and help each other grow.

Human beings remain drawn to the live social interaction of face-to-face events in this day and age of digital selling. Hustlers Expo meets a need by providing fun, engaging, and life-filled experiences that help people celebrate one another’s successes and wins. The Hustlers Expo looks to also move into the business training sphere very soon as LaShonda Johnson is in the ideation stages of “Young Entrepreneur Seminar 2021,” which will open registration very soon.

Apart from running Hustlers Expo, LaShonda provides business and branding consultancy services. Her company also helps businesses on the visuals and graphics front, creating logos, websites, and business branding materials. The entrepreneur has also recently started a credit repair consultancy for people who want to improve their FICO scores and remove negative items from their records. All in all, LaShonda is the epitome of a “hustler,” someone who starts multiple hustles to achieve her dreams in life. She’s also a mother of four children and works hard to create a life of opportunity for them.

Over the next few years, Hustlers Expo hopes to branch out to more cities in America and run multiple events that host up to five hundred small businesses at a time. To learn more about Hustlers Expo and check out their schedule of upcoming pop-up shop events, visit its website and Instagram profile.

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