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How Visions by Janessa Photography Became the Leading Photography Company in Northern California

Photograph by Mai Yang

They say that one moment is enough to change a person’s life. For Janessa Taber, her thriving photography brand Visions by Janessa Photography, had quite an unusual start. 

It all started in 2004 when she heard about the Proctor and Gamble Charmin toilet paper contest over the radio. The then new mom decided to submit an entry of her one-year-old Kayleigh Webb in a pile of toilet paper with her kitten and sip cup. The adorable photo ended up winning the grand prize and Janessa won $5,000.

This impressive accomplishment accompanied by father Donald Taber’s relentless encouragement inspired the creative individual to pursue her passion for photography. With the money she won from the contest, she purchased all the gear needed to start her business,  Visions by Janessa Photography.

The budding entrepreneur worked tirelessly to grow her brand and after 14 years of consistent hard work and perseverance, she finally opened her Northern California headquarters located in Gridley. Three years later, she stumbled upon an amazing opportunity that landed her a second studio location in Rancho Santa Margarita in Southern California.

When asked what allowed her to scale the business successfully, Janessa Taber insightfully replied, “I set goals and goals must be met. It took almost two decades to achieve what I have achieved, however my goals are constantly changing. One goal achieved makes room for another goal. The top of one mountain is the bottom of the next and I’m always ready for the climb.”

Aside from the talented photographer’s remarkable work ethic, what makes her brand the leading photography company in Northern California is the exquisite backdrops that Janessa handpaints. Unlike others who use generic backdrops, all her creations are unique and personalized. 

Because of its unrivaled expertise and dedication to its clients, Visions by Janessa Photography has risen to the top of the industry. As a testament to this, was also voted the best photographer in the YubaSutter’s Readers Choice Magazine. But most importantly, it has amassed an impressive set of clients who are loyal to the brand.

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