Friday, February 23, 2024

How to turn your side hustle into a thriving business

How do you run a food business, when rolling lockdowns and restrictions are shutting down all your avenues to sell to customers? 

This question has been plaguing restaurateurs and entrepreneurs alike— since the start of the pandemic. The answer is simple.  You adapt, of course. 

This simple truth is easier said than done.   For many in the food space, the Covid-19 pandemic was the first time these questions have come up— compounding with the daunting fact that nobody knows when it will end; proved unfortunately for many to be insurmountable. 

How do you sell food when people can’t dine in or gather together?   How do you create a safe and sustainable environment for your staff?  How do you market and grow your business, when consumer behavior has shifted dramatically— possibly forever?  How do you manage inventory— with supply chains being broken, and inflation hitting at “random” and uncontrollable rates?

One company that navigated these questions extremely successfully is the gourmet gifting company Cured Catering ( ), based in Toronto Canada.

Successful restauranteur and entrepreneur Aliza Devenyi explains her path to success on the popular podcast Own Your Potential— which you can listen to here.  

Gaining over 80k Instagram followers, and with corporate customers including the likes of: Google, Gucci, Estee Lauder, Snapchat, Ebay and Shopify to name a few— it’s evident Cured has figured out how to turn the table on the shifting tides.

How did they achieve such success and growth, in such a short amount of time you may ask?   For Aliza, the founder and CMO of Cured Catering the answer was obvious: focus on the customer experience— and model the company around providing the best possible version of this.  By allowing, and encouraging feedback and custom requests— Cured’s range of products quickly grew from Charcuterie and Candy Platters to specialized themed gourmet products for all major holidays and life events.

In addition to an upcoming launch of drink mix kits this summer season, Cured is also expanding their range of shippable options — so you can elevate your next event North America wide.

Make sure to listen to the podcast, out now— and to follow Cured on instagram to learn the secret to their success; and for incredible hosting and gifting inspiration.

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