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How to File a New York State Worker’s Compensation Claim

New York State’s Worker’s Compensation claim system has many social benefits, but can be difficult to navigate, particularly for Hispanics, the Latino population, and other groups whose first language is not English. Many workers in New York State, particularly those in immigrant populations or those who speak English as a second language, are unaware of the rights they have as workers. The following is an overview of how to file for Worker’s Compensation in New York and the benefits of doing so.

Social Benefits of Filing a Worker’s Compensation Claim

Workers in New York may not know that they are entitled to wage replacement benefits if they are sickened or injured while at work. This means that workers will receive pay even if they are unable to work due to a workplace illness or injury.

The state will also pay for any healthcare costs related to workplace sickness or injury, as well as any travel costs going to and from healthcare centers for appointments and care. All workers in New York receive full coverage for all healthcare and travel costs, and they get a cash benefit worth two-thirds of their average weekly wage, up to a maximum. Receiving these benefits helps keeping households afloat while one of their primary breadwinners recovers from a work-related sickness or accident.

Are You Eligible?
All workers in New York state, even some employees of non-profit organizations, are eligible for Worker’s Compensation. There are no residency requirements, which means workers only must work in New York State, regardless of where they live, to be eligible.

If you are injured at work, first seek treatment as quickly as you can. There is no need to wait to notify your employer or file a claim. Health and treatment take priority. As soon as you are able, notify your employer of the injury or sickness and explain how it happened. Finally, file a C-3 form with the New York State Worker’s Compensation Board. The quickest way to file a claim is to use the NY State portal.

How to File a Worker’s Compensation Claim in New York State
Filing a claim has been simplified recently to help non-English speaking populations such as Hispanics take advantage of this program.

You don’t need to create an account with the New York Worker’s Compensation Board to file a claim. Fill out all sections of the form with as much detail as you can and either submit online or by going to the Worker’s Compensation Board office. You won’t be required to submit any other documentation with your claim form, such as doctor’s records or pay stubs, to make a successful claim.

The best way to prepare to submit a speedy claim is to gather all information required in the claim form. The information you will need is:

– Employer information, including the address of your place of work, supervisor, and hire date.

– Your personal information, including home address, social security number (not required but helpful), phone number, and crucially for many members of the Spanish-speaking population, whether or not you will need a translator at a board hearing if one is necessary.

– Information describing your duties at work and your pay.

– Injury or illness information–how you were injured and to what extent.

– Whether you have already sought medical treatment.

– Once you file a claim with this information, you will be contacted with the next steps.

Hispanics Get the Same Social Benefits as Everyone Else
New York’s Worker’s Compensation laws allow all workers in the state to be entitled to social benefits including wage replacement funds and medical treatment following an on-the-job accident. Be sure to use this if you need it.

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