How A Career In The Solar Industry With Tycho Energy Could Change Your Life

Phoenix Az, October 19, 2022

In 2013, Warren Buffett said, “The deregulation of energy will cause the largest transfer of wealth in American history.” Saving the environment hasn’t always been as lucrative a career as it is today. People aren’t usually paid to protest the burning of fossil fuels to power this country. These days, things are different. What was once purely humanitarian has become one of the highest-paying career paths here in the US. On average, people who work in the Solar Industry make between $93,848 and 127,000 per year, the income class of doctors, lawyers, electrical engineers, software developers, and commercial pilots. Only about 15% of Americans earn between $100,000 and $149,999 per year. Tycho Energy, a leader in the solar energy sector, is currently hiring for multiple positions paying up to 7 figures per year with no college degree required. Anyone can apply at

Over the last decade, the US solar market has grown to a 16.9 Billion Dollar industry. A big change since the birth of Photovoltaic Technology in America in 1954 was when Daryl Chapin, Calvin Fuller, and Gerald Pearson developed the first silicon PV cell capable of converting enough of the sun’s energy into power to run everyday electrical equipment. When solar panels first became commercially available in the US, they were sold at 10% efficiency at $25 per cell. At that price, a modern solar system would cost you over $4 million dollars! These days, an average residential solar system only costs between $16,870 and $23,170, which, in part, explains the industry’s explosive growth. Due to the development of more efficient technology at decreased cost combined with Federal Tax Incentives, the idea of residential and commercial solar power has become extremely attractive to US consumers. In many cases, residential rooftop solar includes $0 out-of-pocket cost and leaves homeowners with a lower monthly bill than they were already paying their utility company for power. 

Erik Lindgren and Mike Thooft, two pioneers in the new and growing solar industry, have taken this opportunity to build a platform for individuals to start and advance their careers in the solar industry. Founded by the two in 2020, Tycho Energy’s goals are simple: 1.) Make Clean Energy Accessible To All, 2.) Helping individuals realize their full potential both personally and in their careers. The company’s mission statement reads, “We believe in providing a safe environment where individuals can gain the knowledge necessary to enjoy a prosperous career in the renewable energy sector while simultaneously developing as a person to reach heights that previous schooling and work were unable to facilitate.” Since the company’s start, they’ve grown from an office of 2 to a team of 25, earning an average of $22,311 for the month of September. 

Tycho Energy has developed this elite team of professionals through their carefully guarded culture and in-house training program. In a recent interview, Mike had this to say, “We’re careful about who we hire. We don’t require guys to come to us with some ivy league degree, or even a degree at all. They didn’t have to make straight A’s in school or even have previous industry experience, though it is preferred. My partner Erik and I are really only looking for 3 things in the people we bring on, a Strong Work Ethic, a Positive Attitude and a Student Mentality. We can teach them the rest.” Unlike most companies in America, Tycho Energy operates like more of a family than a company. The team at Tycho gets together every Wednesday to play sports together. The team also vacations together regularly, both for work and recreation. Perhaps this kind of cohesion explains the team’s elevated income. 

The company’s team members have come from many different walks of life and unanimously found financial freedom, friendship, adventure, continued education, and fulfillment in their career. Take, for example, one of the company’s now senior leaders, Alex Bellville. Alex Graduated from ASU and was accepted into law school before he found Tycho Energy. At the time, he was working on his required internship and was hired on as a tournament director with the Professional Golfer’s Association (PGA). A dream job for a college golfer. In a recent interview, Alex stated that, “The money was good, but things didn’t really align with my core values. I couldn’t spend the time that I needed to spend with my family.” Flash forward to now, this September, Alex has just had his first $100,000 MONTH at Tycho Energy, his 10th month in the industry. “Here at Tycho, I have a lot more fun and freedom. As long as I’m performing and taking care of all my responsibilities, I can take time off and it’s no big deal. The office atmosphere at the PGA doesn’t even compare to how good it is with the culture at Tycho.” 

Justin Unruh, another team member at Tycho joined the company after spending 7 years in the bar industry, hosting, serving tables and bartending. Here’s what he had to say,  “Mike and Erik noticed my skills before I even thought that I had any. They helped me realize that I did have a skill. I loved taking care of people. Most of what we do here at Tycho is customer service. A lot of it’s being kind, courteous, and solving problems for people. I used to make $50k – $60k and I’m on track to make over $200k this year, but the biggest difference this has made is in who I am because of the kind of people I’m surrounded by. You can work anywhere and have friends but things are different here. When I worked in the bar industry, my friends and I would talk about what we were doing that weekend or that night. Here we all talk about our investments, and how to grow and develop as a person. My job here is to help our new people succeed right away.” 

Tycho Energy is currently hiring for several full-time positions and aims to double the size of their team over the next year to take part in their expansion into new markets. In a recent interview with Co-founders Mike Thooft  & Erik Lindgren, Erik had this to say, “If you’re someone who isn’t fulfilled in your career and you want more.. More income, more freedom, more opportunity for advancement and growth, reach out. You don’t have to have a college degree. We prefer previous experience but it’s not required. We require 3 things, a strong work ethic, a positive attitude and a student mentality. We can’t teach you those three things, but if that sounds like you, we can teach you everything you need to know to enjoy a successful career in the renewable energy sector. In this industry, making money isn’t the problem, it’s usually the abrupt increase in income. In this tax bracket, you’ve got a different set of rules. If you invest properly over a few years here,  you can set yourself up for the rest of your life. If we decide to work with you, we’ll help you navigate those waters when you’re ready.” To learn more about  a career in the solar energy sector with Tycho Energy, visit “”. 

In conclusion, the renewable energy sector isn’t what it used to be. What was once filled with hippies and tree huggers without much to their name has been replaced by environmentally conscious and well-compensated entrepreneurs. What was once a dream of energy independence for America has become reality in the 21st century. The Biden administration recently extended the federal tax credit for solar systems and raised the rate from 26% to 30%. The tax credit is a big part of what makes solar “make sense” for consumers. This extension suggests that this industry that’s grown an average of 21.7% per year since 2017 should continue to see that growth continue over the next decade. In 2013, Warren Buffet said, “The deregulation of energy will cause the largest transfer of wealth in American history.” It looks like that statement has aged well.


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