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Hayes Capital Helps People Build Their Wealth and Understanding of Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment appears to be quite challenging for many individuals looking for investment possibilities, but Hayes Capital is making it a lot easier for them to understand the industry. As a reliable avenue for short and long-term investments in real estate, it provides not just promising investment opportunities but also the right education to every individual interested to know more about it. 

At present, the company is nearing its 50th successful deal ranging from $400,000 to $27.3 million. If anything, Hayes Capital has unmatched experience when it comes to investing in real estate, and it is committed to guiding its clients to successfully navigate towards their success. CEO and founder Stephen Patrick Hayes could not be any prouder that his company has been instrumental in helping numerous clients achieve generational wealth. 

“We are a niche group who not only raise private equity funds for real estate investing, but we are the developer and general contractor,” Hayes shared. “This is a huge benefit in cost control and visionary implementation. Where most lose time and efficiency in the process, we scale with speed. Less moving parts and more room for ideal results.”

Hayes Capital is highly recommended to individuals who are ready to invest in their retirement fund or simply those looking for avenues to save for their children’s education. 

Making a difference and being a distinct real estate investment firm are two of Hayes’ motivations in developing Hayes Capital. He has seen a lot of companies and organizations settle for low standards and become complacent where it concerns the poor conditions and negative environment that their teams work in. He felt compelled to provide the kind of leadership and direction that people need in order to excel in real estate investment. For Hayes, people need targets in order to induce productivity. “This sense of accomplishment and self-worth builds not just production but the culture they can stand behind and be proud of. That’s our brand, excellence,” Hayes explained. 

In the next couple of years, Hayes sees Hayes Capital achieving 100% sustainable annual growth, equating to 160mm/rev. By then, his team would have successfully and seamlessly established a data room with system charts, budget forecasts, and all financials showing earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA). It will also be recognized as one of the top companies to work for, one that is grounded and built on unique core values and promotes a growth culture. 

As for his personal vision for himself as a company executive, Hayes aims to be able to develop a platform where he can awaken people to their true and best nature and empower them to break free from unhealthy habits that hinder them from achieving their life goals. Through this platform, he also hopes to be able to point people in the right direction. 

As Hayes Capital continues to guide potential investors towards higher-yielding strategies that will make them eager and empowered to pursue wealth-building confidently, a new generation of investors will be created. More and more people can learn how to build lasting wealth and live abundantly without regrets. 

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