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Growthology Agency: How 21-year-old Ibrahim Ansari built a million dollar agency

Today, the youth have more resources and opportunities than ever before. Ibrahim Ansari has an unmatched zeal and drive to succeed and to carve a place for himself in the world. 

Ibrahim Ansari, age 21, is a serial entrepreneur and investor who is known for his ability to scale business income, wealth, and innovation by looking at situations from a completely different paradigm. The young CEO has built multiple 6 and 7-figure companies within the past two years and has created a remarkable name for himself within the entrepreneurial industry. These days, Ibrahim has been focusing on his Digital Marketing and Consultancy firm—Growthology Agency.

Speaking of his success and reason for choosing this life, Ibrahim says, “I realized at a very young age, even before I started working, that if I wanted to succeed I had to do things differently. The time and energy everybody else spends attempting to conform, I always spent on creating my own path. I understood that in order to be in the top one percent, then it is essential to do what ninety nine percent of people aren’t willing to do. If you take the road everyone else takes you’ll just be another sheep in the herd, if you desire to make a difference in this world you have to start by being different from this world and take the path less traveled.”

Ibrahim’s vision is to introduce positive changes in the world and empower people from all walks of life. The young CEO said, “My vision has always been to inspire people—to do what inspires them and I strongly believe that I have been able to accomplish that with my ventures. You know, like the butterfly effect—one person, one company, one investment, or even one decision can have a ripple effect that can make a difference and change the outcome of many lives.” 

While beginning his entrepreneurial journey within his first startup, Ibrahim had to do everything by himself as a one man army. Having to channel his energy into so many places at once obviously thinned his focus into many places. Soon he understood that in order to create something big, he needed a team—a reliable, growth minded, and skilled team where each individual collectively put forth their best effort and held themselves to the highest of standards. He then launched Growthology Agency with his talented business partner Renzo Guevarra.

Together they brought the best minds in the game onboard at Growthology Agency. Ibrahim & his team have been exponentially scaling up their brand, revenue, and profits since while producing fantastic results for their clients. The way Ibrahim and his team were able to scale their agency exponentially was by creating world class systems and strategies within the company. Ibrahim and his team have perfected their craft on client acquisition and fulfillment. More specifically they cracked the code by creating high converting sales funnels, targeted FB/ IG Ads, a-list celebrity/influencer marketing campaigns, automated email marketing campaigns, a world class sales team, and fully automated acquisition and onboarding systems. Adding on, they have built an excellent backend team from all over the globe which is highly advantageous considering Growthology Agency now services clients in over 30 countries.

Currently based in Michigan, Ibrahim plans on making a big move to Chicago after graduating from Michigan State University this spring to expand his horizons and make the best of bigger opportunities.

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