goLance Leads with Global Staff Augmentation Services
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goLance Leads with Global Staff Augmentation Services

By: Joshua Finley

goLance, an industry-leading online global freelance marketplace, announced that it is ramping up global recruiting services in Eastern Europe and Latin America. This recruitment enhances the company’s mission of offering clients the unique ability to select skilled development talent well-suited for their individualized corporate culture. 

“Our clients, particularly those in the United States, want high-quality developers at a reasonable price, and we literally go that extra mile with our staff augmentation services to ensure 100% client satisfaction,” Dan Reyes, President and COO of goLance, states. “We’ll travel to client locations and meet face-to-face with them to understand their culture and requirements to help find the talent with the right cultural fit and skills.”

Innovating with a Culture-First, Personalized Model

Since January 2024, goLance’s customized approach to customer relationships and service has enabled the company to grow its staff augmentation program by more than 300%. Reyes explains: “Businesses are looking for quality talent to fill those hard-to-find development jobs and, by truly aligning with our clients’ corporate culture, we’re able to find and vet quality global talent for full-time, long-term contracts and expedite the hiring process.” 

As part of the recruiting process – in addition to a skills assessment – goLance staff augmentation candidates must complete a cultural assessment to ensure a perfect match for each client. This allows goLance to refine the list of interviewees, thereby saving time and expediting client onboarding processes.

Reyes continues: “By accelerating our efforts in recruiting English-speaking people from Latin America and Eastern Europe, for example, we can help our clients save money while also offering freelancers high-quality jobs with an excellent rate of pay in their region.” 

Fr0ntierX – a SaaS company focused on cybersecurity and access management – has been utilizing goLance for staff augmentation. Jonathan Begg, CEO of Fr0ntierX, notes that he “found quality developers in record time, [is] very happy with the work that has been delivered, and, most importantly, values the personalized service Fr0ntierX has received.” Begg continues: “The developers understand our culture, fill a niche we don’t have in-house, and continue to work incredibly well with our team.”

goLance has played a pivotal role in transforming the lives of freelance workers worldwide by providing them with unparalleled employment opportunities that have significantly improved their quality of life and that of their families. GoLance has democratized access to work through its global freelance marketplace, breaking down geographical barriers and connecting freelancers with clients from diverse industries and regions.

For many freelancers, particularly those in underserved communities in regions like Latin America and Eastern Europe, goLance has been a lifeline, offering them the chance to leverage their skills and expertise to secure meaningful employment and generate sustainable income. By tapping into the vast pool of talent available on the platform, clients can access quality professionals at competitive rates, while freelancers can take advantage of high-quality job opportunities that may not be available locally.

The flexibility and autonomy afforded by freelance work through goLance have empowered individuals to take control of their careers and pursue their passions while balancing other responsibilities such as family care and personal development. Moreover, the financial stability provided by consistent freelance work has enabled freelancers to invest in their education, healthcare, and housing, thereby improving their overall well-being and that of their families.

Through its commitment to fair compensation, transparent transactions, and supportive community engagement, goLance has fostered a positive and empowering environment for freelance workers worldwide. By championing their success and amplifying their voices, goLance has transformed how people work and enriched countless lives, creating opportunities for prosperity and advancement that transcend borders and barriers.

About goLance

goLance, an award-winning, online global freelance marketplace, focuses on creating a more meaningful and prosperous working world. The company offers multiple levels of service: the goLance Marketplace (where clients search online for freelancers); Staff Augmentation (which provides concierge-level service for highly specialized talent); Managed Services (for custom software development); Full-time Staffing Services; and the Dev Ventures program for startups.


Published By: Aize Perez

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