Thursday, February 29, 2024

Financial Match Helps Obtain Additional Government Stimulus for Small Businesses

The Cares Act was created to help individuals and businesses recover from difficulties that resulted from the pandemic and included several stimulus initiatives designed to keep the economy moving even in the face of disaster.

One of these initiatives was ERC (Employee Retention Credits), which made it possible for small businesses that experienced challenges and employed W-2 employees to amend their 2020 and/or 2021 tax returns to receive a cash credit of up to $26,000 per employee.

ERC laws, however, are complex and require unique expertise to navigate. Many financial professionals do not have such expertise and are unable to assist business owners with obtaining their credit.

As an industry-leading government tax credit advisor, Financial Match offers unmatched access to ERC optimization and submission support for business owners across the country.

Financial Match and their accountants work with businesses to obtain the highest amount of eligible credit in the shortest amount of time possible. The Financial Match team has unparalleled expertise in how to access these credits, compiling required documentation, optimizing calculations required to achieve the highest possible credit amounts, and a thorough understanding of the required filings.

These days, companies are looking to capitalize on every opportunity to weather financial storms,” says one of Financial Match’s top executives. “We give business owners, no matter what industry or state they’re in, the chance to successfully utilize and maximize government programs that offer up to $26,000 of cash credits per employee. That’s a huge infusion of cash right when inflation is sky-high, and a massive recession might be looming around the corner. This program is a no-brainer for businesses everywhere.”

So why choose Financial Match over another ERC professional? What sets Financial Match apart is:

  1. Their ability to obtain ERC (employee retention credit) results at a remarkably quick pace, even faster than many competing companies, and
  2. Unlike many competitors that use offshore contractors or mere tax preparers, Financial Match contracts with a network of professional licensed certified public accountants for submissions to the IRS.

Financial Match utilizes their team of ERC experts as well as ‘white glove’ onboarding liaisons to make the necessary document collection and filing preparation as hands-off for their clients as possible, so you can focus on running your business.

Financial Match is as full service as it gets. Their experts provide unparalleled support and efficient results to help qualified businesses receive funds from the IRS as fast and as easy as possible.

In summary:

Getting Employee retention credits is obviously a must for any business that qualifies, but it isn’t simple without help. In fact, it’s complicated and labor-intensive. Using a top-notch company to optimize for the highest credit amount is crucial to getting the full benefits the government offers, and Financial Match has quickly become the best advisor to partner with in the country.

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