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Exporting the American Dream: The 20-Year Journey of ExportUSA in Supporting Business

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Entering the US market is both a treasured ambition and a frightening undertaking in the world of international business. Foreign businesses generally face substantial challenges due to the legal complexities, cultural differences, and competitive landscape. 

“Despite the talks of recessions and the economy ‘tanking’ in recent years, the employment rate in the US still remains strong with a rate of 3.8%. I have never seen a recession in a situation where everybody is employed. The US economy is expected to grow at a projected rate of 2.3% in 2023. The reason for such resilience and continued expansion of the American economy can be traced back to the investment plans launched by the Biden administration, with over 17 hundred billion dollars being utilized to transition to a green economy, and the renewal of infrastructure throughout the entirety of the US,” said Mr. Lucio Miranda, President of ExportUSA.

The United States, typically identified as the “land of opportunity,” attracts businesses from all over the world. Even so, establishing a presence in the United States is plagued with legal complexity. Many international entrepreneurs have the formidable burden of navigating the American legal system, comprehending the complexities of commercial communication, and assuring compliance with ever-changing US legislation. This is where ExportUSA pulls in, advising those looking to build a name for themselves in the American market.

ExportUSA, an export consulting company, opened its doors in 2003 but sprinted its operations and experience long before that, and has a track record of over 20 years in the field. They’ve leveraged their significant experience to help businesses establish operations in the United States. Their clientele, predominantly international businesses, are turning to ExportUSA for assistance in different facets of market entry.

The company caters to a broad range of offerings. ExportUSA provides assistance with all types of visas, from organizing the request to drafting the application to arranging an appointment at the American Consulate. Aside from the aforementioned, they assist in setting up businesses and establishing bank accounts. ExportUSA has also developed a program to help businesses discover distributors in the mechanical, engineering, machinery, and industrial goods industries. Their approach goes beyond solely advisory services; they have become a staunch companion every step of the way. The company offers support with FDA compliance for food, cosmetics, medical devices, and dietary supplements, research personnel. ExportUSA is not only an essential guide but also a visionary institution shaping the future of business expansion in the United States.

ExportUSA’s unwavering commitment to fostering ‘Made in the USA’ success stories is not just a tagline but a promise they have consistently delivered on. Mr. Lucio Miranda, highlights the importance of their mission: “Our goal is to help businesses thrive in the United States, not just bring them in. In doing so we also contribute to economic growth in the United States by tackling legal, cultural, and compliance concerns, which include job creation and increased tax income. We’re honored to help foster ‘Made in the USA’ success stories.” 

The enduring focus on the US market distinguishes ExportUSA. While many of the company’s competitors focus on more than one international market, ExportUSA is laser-focused on the peculiarities of doing business only in the United States. They realize that the specific dynamics of the American market necessitate specialization, and they’ve made it their fundamental strength. As they have consistently adapted to the shifting landscape of international commerce, they remain at the forefront of facilitating market entry. 

ExportUSA maintains offices in Italy and Belgium, apart from the headquarters in New York, guaranteeing that their clients have a dedicated team of support personnel on both sides of the Atlantic. 

Their team of dedicated professionals develops a great work culture that promptly benefits their clients. The company believes that a strong work culture equals better customer connections, better outcomes, and a simpler introduction into the US market. Their employees are not just consultants, but vital members of the ExportUSA family, providing for more effective administration and quality assurance. 

As ExportUSA continues to evolve, they are committed to helping foreign companies overcome the unique challenges of the U.S. system. By acting as cultural and business model translators, they bridge the gap between foreign businesses and their American counterparts, ensuring a smoother, more successful entry into the American market. They are the bridge that connects global companies with the intricate American business landscape, ensuring that businesses have the knowledge and expertise they need to succeed.

The company’s goals for the next 10 years are to: enhance promotional activities; diversify the range of services offered; and increase productivity.

The need for specialized guidance in the U.S. market will only grow as globalization continues to influence international trade. ExportUSA is well-positioned to continue leading the way, guiding businesses through the intricate American business landscape and helping them achieve their American dream.

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