Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders- The Unbound™ Approach To Education
Photo Courtesy: Ellie Smith

Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: The Unbound™ Approach To Education

In a world where the traditional paths of higher education are increasingly met with skepticism, one innovative program is reshaping the landscape of post-secondary education.

By: Maria Williams

Data collected by Populace suggests that most Americans do not prioritize getting a college degree. Out of 57 priorities for what people personally want from the education system, college preparation ranks near the bottom, at 47th. 

Amidst this uncertainty, one organization is not only addressing the shortcomings of traditional higher education but also redefining the way we approach learning. With a mission to empower young adults to own their purpose, serve others, and live resiliently for the glory of God, Unbound™ offers a distinct alternative to post-secondary education.

In a recent interview with Ellie Smith, VP of Sales and Operations, and Jonathan Brush, President and CEO of Unbound™, we gained valuable insight into their vision for inspiring change and equipping students for success in the modern world. Central to Unbound™’s philosophy is the belief that education should not only impart knowledge but also cultivate character, resilience, and a sense of purpose.

Smith elaborates on Unbound™’s unique approach, stating, “We want to train students in such a way that they’re able to make a difference in the world around them. Whether they pursue careers in ministry, business, or any other field, our goal is to empower them to be extraordinary at ordinary things.”

The Unbound™ Approach To Education
Photo Courtesy: Jonathan Brush

If you are extraordinary at day-to-day life, she explains, you will automatically be set far apart from your peers just because you view day-to-day life through that lens. By living this way, “you will likely be more prepared to make significant contributions in any field or endeavor,” she says.

“Most of the people that you see who are influencing culture and things like that, if you were to dig into their life down to the foundations of it, they were all ordinary people living day-to-day lives in extraordinary ways, and that was what led to the opportunities that got them where they are today,” Smith continues.

Brush underscores the importance of this kind of approach, noting, “Unbound™’s emphasis is not solely on helping our students achieve success via fortune or fame. While those achievements are commendable, we strive to equip them with the skills and experiences needed to excel in any endeavor they choose to pursue.”

In Unbound™’s post-secondary program, Ascend, they help students develop a holistic understanding of success that goes beyond conventional measures of fortune and fame. Instead, Unbound™ encourages students to build community and forge meaningful connections, both online and in person. 

Through quarterly live events and ongoing support, Ascend empowers students to cultivate their local communities, network effectively, and enhance familial and friendship bonds.

“We believe that while communities can be built online, relationships happen in person,” Smith says. “That’s why we bring students together every twelve weeks for live events, where they can engage with their peers, participate in hands-on activities, and develop essential soft skills.”

Unbound™’s flexible program structure allows students to invest in their local communities while pursuing their educational goals. Whether they choose to remain in their hometowns or relocate for job opportunities, students have the freedom to tailor their educational experience to their individual needs and circumstances, something that is not very common in today’s day and age.

“So you really have the flexibility to determine where your local is, where you are going to plug in and invest,” adds Brush. “At Unbound™, there are no limitations on where students can invest their time and energy, whether it’s supporting their families, volunteering at their local churches, or pursuing career opportunities. They are empowered to make meaningful contributions wherever they go.”

The Unbound™ Approach To Education
Photo Courtesy: Ellie Smith

“That way, you’re in an environment where you can actually take what you’re learning through your courses, the webinars, and the live events and take that back to an environment where you can actually apply it, which we think is really important,” he continues.

Through its innovative approach to education, Unbound™ is not only preparing students for the challenges of the modern world but also inspiring them to lead lives of purpose, impact, and significance. 

As confidence in traditional higher education continues to wane, Unbound™ stands as a testament to the power of innovation, flexibility, and student-centered learning in shaping the future of education.

To learn more about Unbound™ and its revolutionary programs, visit its website today! 

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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