Emerging Mobile Technology, Meet, Addresses a Pressing Need from Anywhere in the World

Professionals around the world can now enjoy and maximize the delivery of their services while working from the comforts of their homes through a newly launched mobile application called Meet. The groundbreaking application allows professionals and specialists to safely interface with their clients by using their cellphones. Its most remarkable feature is its billing structure, which allows users to be paid for their professional service down to the minute. 

Developed by its CEO Merritt Fletcher, Meet also brings sellers and buyers closer to one another as they can conduct their business safely via teleconferencing. Users can set their windows of availability so that clients can secure a schedule, making their lives more organized and highly productive. The Apple and Android approved application is expected to become a worldwide sensation due to its usefulness and innovative features. 

“Meet is opening up new revenue streams to professionals everywhere in this new socially distanced world of business,” Fletcher reveals. “Meet’s unique platform and fuss-free interface is the perfect tool for influencers, models, freelancers, medical professionals, therapists, coaches, fitness experts, designers, veterinarians, and more. Just about any service imaginable can be performed through Meet’s platform,” she adds. 

One of the application’s key attributes is its charity contributor feature that allows users to give to a charity of their choice by simply identifying the percentage of the amount they want to donate. All that users need to do is type their charity of choice in their bio and set the percentage to be donated. Fletcher made sure to include this feature as she wants to establish a culture of giving to promote compassion and kindness among Meet’s users. 

The launching of Meet is a successful and one-of-a-kind leap from Fletcher’s thriving modeling career to becoming CEO of an emerging mobile technology that has the potential to revolutionize the delivery of vital services. It was during her time traveling around the world as a top model that she realized the pressing need for a reliable and easy-to-use mobile application that would allow her to safely connect with her fans and brand partners on a regular basis. With the current need for social distancing, Fletcher also realized that essential workers and medical specialists most likely have a need for the same technology to connect with their clients and patients. 

Fletcher has previously created applications known as MeetGreet and Weple, short for We the People. The latter is designed to address social navigation needs. Her past efforts culminated in the development of a more advanced and innovative mobile technology. She considers Meet as the continuation of her past works and looks forward to serving the world population and seeing them benefit from it. 

As Meet opens new and remarkable opportunities to earn online to various types of professionals, it ushers in a new season that results in productivity without compromising safety protocols related to the pandemic. If anything, Meet is empowering its users not just to survive in the new normal but also to thrive successfully. 

Learn more about Meet by visiting its website. Follow Meet’s Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates on its latest features and projects. 

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