Thursday, February 22, 2024

Don and Melinda Boyer Bring Awareness to the Secrets of Success Through the Power of Filmmaking

Films are a transcendental medium of creative expression. They have the power to shape the lives of audiences all across the globe with deep and impactful stories that deeply resonate with the human condition. Don and Melinda Boyer are a certified dream team in the film industry. Don is a Film Producer, while Melinda is a Film Director who graduated from Hollywood Film Institute. Together the power couple has produced more than 12 documentaries throughout their seasoned careers, including the award-winning film, “Beyond the Secret – The Awakening.” 

Recently, the dynamic duo received the ETHOS Grand Jury prize for the Most Purpose-Driven Film, an award they received for their groundbreaking documentary film, “The Power of Thought- Live Ready.” As creative individuals, Don and Melinda Boyer have collaborated with top international thought leaders such as the late and legendary Bob Proctor, Marie Diamond, Denis Waitley, Les Brown, John Assaraf, Carl Harvey, Brian Tracy, and many more, co-authoring over 20 books. Melinda herself has authored her own book “Power of Mentorship for the Woman Entrepreneur.”

With a passion for bringing dreams to life and helping people achieve financial freedom, Don and Melinda have successfully brought the secrets of the world’s biggest entrepreneurs to the silver screen. As an extension of their shared passion, they have established the Mastermind group Carnegie Principle with a global membership base. 

Don and Melinda Boyer firmly believe that people can achieve the life of their dreams through powerful mentorship and coaching. Through the years, they have devoted their efforts to establish a platform of award-winning cinematic documentaries in the self-help industry and the global spiritual community. 

Their films are prominently featured on massive film and television platforms such as Amazon Prime and JD3 TV, to name a few. Harnessing the power of cinema to bring a positive message of hope, mentorship, and guidance, Don and Melinda Boyer have successfully brought the tools for success to a general audience.

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