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Deepak Verma Is the Living Example of Passion, Hard Work, and Dreams Turned into Reality

“Listen to your heart and get past all the obstacles no matter how daunting they seem to be. With strong determination, everything can be conquered.”

You might be born poor, but if you die poor, you are letting destiny overpower you. Work hard for your dreams and try to revolutionize society. These lines sit perfectly for Deepak Verma, who is currently the owner of Search Marketing group, a successful Digital Marketing Company. But success never comes that easy. This journey had many obstacles which Deepak crossed with his mind-bending determination. 

Deepak Verma was born on 15th August 1984, in Delhi, in a not so well-off family. He had to work at a very early age of 17 to support his family, and his very first salary was just Rs. 8000, which is $150. Deepak Verma did this job while he was graduating. But Deepak did not settle for this as he wanted financial freedom and wanted to go to Australia to study further. His family was not so rich so his mother had to sell her wedding jewelry to pay the fees. At this time, his age was 23. He did his Master’s in Information Systems in Melbourne, Australia. He got his new job as a salesman in a company that sells Digital solutions. After that, there was no looking back for him as following this, he started his own Digital Marketing Agency helping other small and medium businesses with their digital marketing.

Before going to Australia, Deepak has also worked in the IT department, travel, and tourism, among a few.

Now he says,Internet can be an amazing marketing tool and a game changer for businesses if you know how to use the power of giants like Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other Social Media channelsHis digital marketing company, “Search Marketing Group”, has generated millions of dollars worth leads and sales for his clients and is continuously growing. Search Marketing Group provides digital marketing services to small and medium Australian businesses and help them generate more leads / sales from their website while increasing their Return On Investment(ROI). Search Marketing Group has worked with more than 400 businesses and helped them achieve tremendous growth through digital marketing.

Deepak Verma says,” I also keep sharing useful and productive digital marketing tips with my clients to avoid everyday hassles; I work to bring change in the work culture of society.” Deepak has always looked upon successful people to learn about their strong ideas and business strategies which have turned out to be fruitful for him and will stay with him till his last breath. He adds by saying,” If you are not ready to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”

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