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Corey Everhart Helping Brands Build Thrive and Succeed in the Post-Pandemic Period

Corey Everhart
Photo Courtsey: Corey Everhart

Cyberspace is a little messed up at the moment, with every brand struggling with visibility, reach, and a desperate attempt to remain afloat on the back of a pandemic that not only shook the world but saw an unprecedented grounding of every human activity, business inclusive. Although the pandemic saw the rise in the stock of some companies and service providers (especially those who angled themselves to solve problems and facilitate communication and ease of life while the world was holed up), most companies suffered one way or another during the lockdown pandemic. Now, in the post-lockdown period in every city, companies are jostling to return to or surpass their previously held statuses via the use of digital tools for marketing and advertising. Corey Everhart shares this sentiment, and through his company Build Thrive Succeed, he is helping as many companies recover from the pandemic.

Corey Everhart is a serial entrepreneur who created a company solely devoted to helping entrepreneurs, businesses, and personal brands Build, Thrive and Succeed. He is the founder of Build Thrive Succeed Agency, which helps businesses and personal brands from all over by elevating their credibility and brand authority via public relations. Corey is an authority on his own when it comes to entrepreneurship and publicity, having operated in the industry for over a decade, in addition to proving himself in several other fields, most notably as a commercially rated airplane pilot and a certified flight instructor.

Corey notes that at a time when the world is just recovering from a crippling pandemic, there is no better time to underscore the importance of digital marketing and publicity, “This is what most companies need right now,” he points out. And since everyone uses social media, Build Thrive Succeed Agency is merely leveraging media exposure and social media platforms coupled with some of the best digital marketing and publicity strategies to help brands stand apart from all the noise online. The primary goal at Build Thrive Succeed and Corey personally is helping brands create credibility and trust.

Corey Everhart
Photo Courtsey: Corey Everhart

“Our agency teaches clients how to accomplish this using press and communicating their stories in a way that the public has transparency and confidence in them. In addition, we offer custom solutions to enhance our client’s brand in the media so that people know, like, trust and ultimately buy from them,” he said.

Corey Everhart, at various times, has been credited with the ownership of multiple successful businesses in the last decade. With Build Thrive Succeed, he surrounds himself with over 100 team members known as, “Credibility Specialists”. Together, they go all out scouting for entrepreneurs and businesses that can significantly improve from the agency’s services on Instagram and in the most professional ways possible to ensure that every client’s brand grows.

“Our Credibility Specialists look for professional brands that appear active in trying to grow. Then, we discuss their specific goals to make sure Build Thrive Succeed is a good fit for them. The open-minded clients who are coachable, and are willing to invest in themselves or their brand, tend to be the most successful,” Corey stated.

He is devoted to Build Thrive Succeed Agency’s mission of helping brands and entrepreneurs reach new heights of digital marketing and social media authority via public relations. This they do by connecting clients with opportunities to be featured in the press, podcasts, magazines, and even television interviews. For social media, they work with influencers globally to leverage real follower growth on Instagram. Five years from now, Corey sees Build Thrive Succeed being directly responsible for the growth of as many brands as possible as well as expanding the frontiers of services provided by the agency.

“I also see BTS Agency offering more services like website design, SEO, graphic design, branding, and ad creation. I want us to be a full-service company that can solve all media and branding needs,” he summed.

Learn more about Corey Everhart and the work done by Build Thrive Succeed on their business Instagram, Corey’s Instagram, and business website.   

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