Coastal Kapital and Its Founder Kortney B. Murray Featured on Nasdaq and Newsmax

Coastal Kapital is a business that specializes in asset-based lending, working capital, and commercial equipment alongside vendor financing services.

Whenever anyone aims to begin a business or is running a business already but is in debt and requires a bit more capital to get things back up and running optimally, they will begin looking for a solution. This is where Coastal Kapital can step in and empower companies to start efficiently or to get a leg back up and proceed with their business processes.

Coastal Kapital was founded in 2007 and, since then, has managed to establish a solid relationship with over 150 different programs. This high level of success can be attributed to the entire team working at Coastal Kapital, who, through their efforts, have put the company on the map.

The rise to the top, however, started with Kortney B. Murray, the Founder of Coastal Kapital, and today, she has been featured in numerous shows and news outlets. She has even co-authored a book, making her a leading female entrepreneur within the business sector.

Kortney B. Murray Interviewed on New To the Street on Newsmax TV

On December 11, 2022, the Business Finance firm known as Coastal Kapital, LLC was featured on Newsmax TV, through the New To The Street show, which is an innovative TV show that profiles public companies and their founders.

On the show, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Coastal Kapital, Kortney Murray, got to speak about the company’s current state and future. Kortney Murray was with New to The Street’s TV Hosts Jane King at the Nasdaq MarketSite Studio. Throughout the show, there was an on-screen QR code showcased, which took viewers to the Coastal Kapital page.

How Kortney Murray Contributes to Coastal Kapital and Empowers Women in Business

Kortney Murray is one of the top female entrepreneurs that help and empower other women entrepreneurs by funding their dream businesses.

Kortney co-authored one of Amazon’s best-selling books, and Kortney’s story is in a chapter of the book by the TV Co-host Rhonda Swan: “Women Gone Wild: The Feminine Guide To Fearless Living.”

The book Women Gone Wild is a transmission that goes over the innate feminine wisdom to rise and is about healing insecurities, fears, and inherited patterns that have historically stopped women from trusting their inner wisdom, or intuition, that flows through them.

Kortney is currently co-authoring a second edition book for the Women Gone Wild (WGW) Book Series known as “Intuition.”

As for other publications, Kortney, as well as Coastal Kapital, have been featured on numerous other news outlets, including:

Bigtime Daily’s “How To Build An Empire With Your Favorite People” and So Influential, where Kortney Murray recommended The Tim Ferriss Show as a motivational podcast. She was also featured in The Entrepreneur Magazine, where Kortney said that getting to know the person behind the job title is her secret to thriving as the CEO of the company.

As a CEO, she utilizes scientifically-backed surveys in order to get a deeper look into each person within the company, and by doing so, she can place her people into positions that are a part of their natural talents.

Kortney B. MurrayCoastal Kapital Featured on Nasdaq MarketSite Studio

Coastal Kapital was featured at the Nasdaq MarketSite studio. Coastal Kapital is a non-bank and non-credit report funding source that puts its focus on asset-based lending and aims to fill any working capital requirements, equipment leasing, business loans, or any real-estate-backed funding requirements.

Throughout the show, Kortney explained that the company funds businesses not through a credit score or data-driven targets as banks would normally do but through looking at the whole operation that looks for money.

The people behind the business are addressed as the key to its success, and if the business owners are fully and sincerely committed to the operations, it is very likely that Coastal Kapital can fund their business operations.

Banks typically do not offer start-ups and those with a history of credit issues funds. However, banks refer those clients to Coastal.

How Coastal Kapital Funding Operates

When it came to the explanation surrounding how the funding procedure works, Kortney explained that the funding could occur for most asset purchases if the asset is not a vehicle with many miles. Banks will typically look at assets over ten years old, while Coastal will offer direct private purchase services for clients buying assets in third-party transactions.

These transactions are immediate and do not involve waiting for a manufacturer to produce and deliver a specific product or vehicle, which might otherwise take weeks or months to complete.

Coastal Kapital aims to not only offer clients capital sources but also assist them with marketing and advertisements and will carry on doing so regardless of the current macroeconomic situation.

The main mission of this company is to create a one-stop easy access solution for each client, partner, or vendor that aims to gain the financing they need in order to maximize the overall growth of their company.

The key financing solutions that Coastal Kapital specializes in include Equipment Financing, Working Capital, and SBA Loans.

Coastal Kapital is, as such, committed to establishing a long-lasting, prosperous relationship with its clients and aiding them in reaching the highest level to achieve their bottom-line goals. Take a few minutes of your time to contact one of their financing experts today, so you can get a quote and begin getting the finances you need.


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