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Chef Darren MacLean Presents a Year-Long Endeavour to Further Global Culinary Connectivity Through Inclusive Exploration of Culture, Food and Industry

World-renowned international chefs will visit Canada as part of Cultural Chef Exchange, an initiative of celebrated Canadian Chef Darren MacLean.

What is Canadian cuisine? To answer that question, an exploration of Canadian fare will see world-class chefs visiting Canada to collaborate one of Canada’s top chefs. Chef MacLean will guide them from field to fork, sourcing local ingredients from farms, foraging seasonal indigenous, fishing, and hunting, before creatively coming together to experiment in the kitchens of his acclaimed restaurants.

Chef Darren MacLean is one of Canada’s most notable and outspoken chefs, restaurateurs and environmental advocates. His three Calgary restaurants, Eight, Nupo and Shokunin are all listed in Canada’s 100 Best of 2022. Canada’s sole contender and a finalist on Netflix’s global cooking competition ‘The Final Table’, he uses his profile to showcase Canada’s culinary scene to international audiences.

MacLean is passionate about sustainability and the food building community.

Inspired by all the cultures of Canada’s indigenous and multi-ethnic mosaic, MacLean’s appreciation for diversity leads him to travel extensively, further developing his unique perspective on food and the culinary experience. Believing in the power of food to bridge cultures, he welcomes global chefs to his country and kitchen and travels often to collaborate with others, from Mexico City to Tokyo.

The Cultural Chef Exchange showcases his philosophy in action for food lovers interested in world cuisine, and Canada’s emerging culinary identity in particular.

Chef Darren MacLean shares his vision of the program. “We aim to create and nurture a local-to-global culinary network to share talent, exchange techniques, encourage cooperation, advance tourism and tackle sustainability issues, to the benefit of those living, working and visiting Canada. Our country has so much to offer, it can be both teacher and student of meaningful ways to connect around food.”

Each month, a different influential culinary professional will visit Canada to collaborate, learn, help define Canadian cuisine and carry their stories and experiences back to their countries. In addition to promoting Canada’s rich culinary background and cross-cultural character globally, visiting chefs will enlighten Canadians about the culinary cultures of their nations, regions and cities.

Among the culinary elite bound for Calgary are chefs from The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, Michelin-star chefs, and more. Visiting chefs include:

Chef Colibri Jimenez of MARIA RAIZ Y TIERRA in Merida, Mexico)

Chef Alberto Landgraf of OTEQUE in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Chef James Knappet of KITCHEN TABLE in London, UK

Chef Aaron Bludorn of BLUDORN in Houston, USA

Chef Sam Tran of GIA in Hanoi, Vietnam

Chef Amninder Sandhu of BLISS FOOD EXPERIENCES in Delhi, India

Chef Nathan Gould of SHELTER in Martha’s Vineyard, USA

Chef Aishling Moore of GOLDIE in Dublin, Ireland

Chef Shane Osborn of ARCANE in Hong Kong

The chefs will partake in an immersive five-day program to gain an appreciation of Canada’s natural beauty, food resources, indigenous peoples, and local terroir.

The Cultural Chef Exchange is supported by Nespresso, ALT Hotels and Square. More information can be found at Follow along on Chef’s Instagram @chefdarrenmaclean

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