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Celebrity Chef/Restaurateur Joey Maggiore’s Guide to Running a Successful Restaurant

The food industry is constantly changing and coming up with unique experiences because, with the rise in competition and the availability of a variety of cuisines, the audience has higher expectations from restaurants to deliver. Whether it’s dine-in or take-out, they always want the best. This is something any new restaurateurs need to keep in mind as they deep-dive into the culinary world. Creating the right balance between the business side and the art of food is imperative to having a successful restaurant. In the era of technology, staying ahead of the competition means being open to everyone’s opinions and sifting through the plethora of online reviews — where everyone is a food critic — to find the ones that can help you grow and manage the expectations of your clients.  

If you want your food or beverage business to stand out, you can always do competitor research or, better yet, learn from the experiences of industry veterans so you can avoid making mistakes other first-time restaurant owners make. The celebrity chef and successful entrepreneur, Joey Maggiore, believes that passion and hard work can make any career flourish. He shares his journey as a restaurateur and offers guidance on running a successful culinary business that will benefit new startups.

Joey Maggiore, the man behind The Maggiore Group, an Italian-American-owned company, was drawn to the kitchen from an early age and was keen to learn the art of cooking from his father. He went to Scottsdale Culinary Academy to get professionally trained as a chef. At the young age of 19, he moved away from his family and opened his first restaurant called ‘Joey’s California Bistro’ in Coronado. Since then, he has only continued to rise as a revered name in the culinary world.

Passion is a concept entangled with food for gastronomers and culinary connoisseurs; Joey isn’t any different. He believes, “You can’t get into this business if you only like it. You have to love it! For me, in the end, nothing makes me happier than making a dish; just by seeing it, the customer gets excited to eat your cooking. That excitement is what drives me. I love to cook.” 

Despite his background and rise to celebrity status, Joey Maggiore never stopped learning and growing to become an even better version of himself. He evolved with the times and adapted to new ways as the industry changed over the years. That, perhaps, is the key to his success. Tapping into his experience, he shares the top three tips for any new restaurant owners looking to grow their businesses.

Be Active on Social Media

The first tip Chef Joey offers is to be active on social media and create a digital presence to connect with existing and potential clients. “Your website and social accounts should have an updated menu and other features that engage the audience,” he informs. 

Image and photography-heavy content outlets such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Pinterest are any restaurant’s best friend. If you’re creating custom culinary experiences for your clients, share them with the world to draw in a crowd.

Build your Brand

It is one thing to own a restaurant, but a completely different one to turn it into a brand itself. Joey has successfully done the latter. He suggests that to truly transform your restaurant business and set it on a path to success, you need to focus on every aspect of it and work to make it unique.

Instead of having one USP, learn to curate a presence that offers originality and authenticity in every facet of its existence. From the menu you set to the recipes you make and the experience you provide to your customers, each should speak to your dedication to standing out from the proverbial herd.

Creativeness to be a Trendsetter

Joey Maggiore believes in setting an example for others. “Don’t shy away from taking the leap and heading in a direction no one has taken yet. Success in the culinary world is all about experimentation and taking risks. Think about what would make the food experience better, and then do it!” he stresses. In the same vein, he decided to operate as a scratch kitchen and offer his customers 100% fresh food prepared from completely fresh ingredients. 

Being honest, passionate, and hardworking is the mantra of his success, and he gives all the credit to his father. “Running a chain of restaurants doesn’t seem to be a burden when you work with the dream team,” he says, appreciating his wife and best friend, who are a part of his venture. His creative, hardworking, and passionate traits have made Joey Maggiore an award-winning chef and business owner. He believes that anyone who adheres to the same principles can achieve what he has, and that is what sets him apart from the rest of his competitors.

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