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California Company New Wave Toys makes waves with Barbie Collectors

New Wave Toys
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With Barbie Movie being number one in the world, the public spotlight has turned to the Adult Barbie Collectors who have always loved toys and accumulated what are now considered valuable collections. While the increased value is cool, to most collectors, the motivating factor is not the money but about continuing the best part of childhood. Who can forget Steve Carell’s character in “Forty-Year-Old Virgin”  selling his collection of unopened toys for a fortune.

Delving into this fascinating phenomenon, one discovers New Wave Toys, an eclectic company operating in sunny Los Angeles, California. The company is led by Shilo Prychak, the Founder/Toy Maker, along with co-founders Peter and Steve. Shilo’s passion for all things on a sixth scale, including Barbie, GI Joe’s, and 12″ Star Wars action figures, dates back to his childhood in the 1970s. His career in Video Games & Collectibles began in the 90s, working as a buyer for Collectibles and Video Games at the now-defunct Virgin Megastores.

Seven years ago, Shilo founded New Wave Toys and introduced the RepliCade Amusements line of 1/6 scale fully functional and highly detailed replica Arcade machines, akin to Barbie scale. The idea was to recreate what he had envisioned as the ideal Coleco’s mini arcade cabinets during his upbringing in the 1980s.

The RepliCade concept has since expanded, offering a range of premium Barbie-sized arcade machines, including classics like Street Fighter II, Centipede, and Dragon’s Lair. These replicas even come with a replica LaserDisc player, and the company also offers arcade accessories like a 1/6 scale Dollar Changer functioning as a USB hub, carpets that glow under black light, and die-cast metal stools. Together, these items create a nostalgic Arcade Ambiance, be it on a desk, shelf, or even in Barbie’s dream house.

New Wave Toys has further diversified its premium Barbie-sized products beyond arcade replicas, adding classic 1980s 1/6 scale Boombox replicas that boast exceptional sound and appearance. Their upcoming release in August is a replica 1980 Coca-Cola Vending Machine Mini Fridge, capable of dispensing Barbie-sized Coke cans. Additionally, they have announced a new line of classic BMX bikes in 1/6 scale, starting with a detailed replica of the legendary Mongoose Motomag, set to launch later in the year.

The growing popularity of New Wave Toys is evident in the prices collectors are willing to pay on the secondary market for out-of-stock RepliCades. These arcade cabinets are frequently listed on eBay at 4x-5x the original selling price of $120-150, partially driven by New Wave’s practice of limiting the number of units for each machine.

For collectors seeking something truly special to add to their Barbie collection, longing for a nostalgia fix, or aiming to surprise a child with a mind-blowing toy, New Wave Toys’ offerings come highly recommended. More information is available on their website, NEWWAVETOYS.COM.


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