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Brian Ngo, Team Leader For Armkey Team At Exp Realty, Reshaping Real Estate Industry

Brian Ngo, a flourishing team leader for Armkey Team at eXp Realty from New York says, “Work in real estate is not riches and glam, it’s more about hard work and consistency.” With over 10 years of experience as a real estate broker, Brian is working tirelessly to help people find their dream homes. He explains his experience as “incredibly wholesome”, as it aims to create a big impact in his community and real estate industry. Despite the housing bubble and grinding recovery of the pandemic, his team successfully closed over a whopping 25-million dollars of real estate business in the last 3 months. While working towards his real estate business, you’d find Brian nailing his social media presence with his content creation on the side.

A fluent English, Vietnamese and Chinese speaker, Brian recounts how his language has helped him connect closely to people and understand their needs and expectations. He says, “The most valuable asset to many people is their home. Thus, they should be able to trust and have confidence in the people who are working towards bringing them closer to their dream home. Real estate is mostly about fitting the pieces of client requirements with their dream houses.”

While enjoying his real estate endeavours, Brian’s content keeps him ahead of the curve. Prior to becoming a real estate agent, Brian bonded well with the food industry and it was his knowledge of aesthetics and craft back then that backs up his content creation skills today. So creating content is something that comes naturally to him. Brian realized social media has made it easier for him to bond with his audience, clients and community.

Social media is very effective when you’re consistent and willing to put in the work,” he says. He further emphasizes how social media presence can drive you to your prospective clients, create better first impressions and add value to a business.

Starting out in real estate long ago and living his trail of experiences, Brian relates this experience to becoming a doctor and going through multiple rotations in hospitals. In the real estate world, there are countless aspects to be explored. Working predominantly with luxury listings and developers, Brian has gotten acquainted with various challenges and roadblocks, thus, he encourages newbies and aspiring realtors to have a mentor from whom they can learn and understand what Brian had to do the hard way.

“90% of people in real estate fail within the first year due to a myriad of reasons. Financial burden, issues with consistency and lack of guidance can put you down. If you expect to be extremely successful right off the bat, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Maintaining consistency and having a mentor are ways to avoid these professional snags”, says Brian.

What ignites Brian’s success is his hard work and availability to embrace new adventures. After a lot of trial and error in various industries, he realized that the only easy way to enjoy success is to overpower failures, grow from them and build a stronger foundation. He says, “your first workout will be bad, your first video on social media will be bad, your first ANYTHING would be bad, but you can’t make it to your 100th without making your first.” Brian believes a good salesperson doesn’t have to sell, but that it’s their job to educate, support and lead their clients. While excelling in the game of social media content marketing, he has successfully captivated the attention of many as a mentor and a real estate broker.

His relaxed and flexible approaches may also attribute to why he’s been so successful. His online content certainly brings a lot of his personality and expertise to the table. He has always refused to let setbacks take him down, instead, he considers his business as a game, you win some, you lose some and, when you lose, you just shake your head and move on. Known for his forward-looking approaches, he likes to celebrate his wins, but also keeps a keen eye on his next game and that’s what makes him best in the industry.

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